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Birds Responding to the Sabbath

Posted May 14, 2010 by Michael in Testimonies and Stories
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(Written at 13 years old)

It was amazing; today, just a few minutes before the Sabbath came in, the birds starting chirping, laughing and flying overhead making joyous sounds. The parrots for flying around making their high pitched chirping noises. The kookaburras were laughing hysterically, happy to see the Sabbath come in. Nature was bouncing around with joy as the Sabbath was drawing near, and what a sound and sight it was.

I've been noticing this over the last few weeks, the birds are always on time with their chorus of tweets as the sun goes down. I actually haven't noticed this until a few weeks ago, I'm not sure whether they usually do this, or we've been too busy in the past to even notice.

And a special chorus right on sunset was not the only thing out of the ordinary to happen today. Two magpies landed on the front deck wanting food, Dad was able to get really close (like about a foot from them) and put some food on the ground for them. And finally, a nice looking bird decided he would land right on the window next to where we were working to get ready. He stayed for a bit, and then flew off to take care of other business.

It's really awesome to see the animals responding to the special presence of the Lord as the Sabbath comes in. So I thought I would share it here. Next blog will be about glasses, or more particularly, what people do with them.