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Come Out of Her My People!

Posted May 29, 2011 by Bana Puru in Christian Life Style
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One day I was sitting on my couch contemplating on some of the marvelous things that the Lord had done in the past experiences of my life.  I could hear promise after promise such as "You are my beloved Son, in thee I am well pleased" and "Being confident in this very thing, he that hath begun a good work in you shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ".

While I was meditating upon such precious promises, a thought crossed my mind regarding Peter's Vision of the Sheet that came down from heaven with all kinds of beasts on it.  As this thought came upon me, the Lord pulled before my eyes a sheet of a similar nature.  Instead of having all kinds of beasts, it had diverse churches or denominations on it.  I was in prayer at the time. The Lord said to me, "Take, and Eat." Instead of denying three times to eat of the sheet, as did Peter, I responded"...Lord Show me, I don't know what you are trying to say..."  His word was to me "...I have sheep not of this fold, them must I call also..." and then He said, "Go and teach all nations...reveal what I have shared with you...remember I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."

I was on my knees, in the presence of the Lord, trembling in my soul.  Unworthy of receiving this commandment, the Lord placed His unseen Arms around me and said, "...peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you. Not as the World giveth, give I unto you. Let not you heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." What a beautiful voice it was that was speaking to me.  All my fears and griefs seemed to have disappeared after hearing His still, small voice.  I knew it was not mine own, for my mind was in great perplexity, but it was His voice speaking to my soul, as if I had heard it for the first time.

After receiving this beautiful commission from the Lord, I was having a Bible Study at the Dinning room table.  My mind was drawn back to our first parents in their beautiful Eden Home, when a Scene flashed before my eyes, like the speed of lightening.  As fast as I could write it down with my pen in hand, this is what I wrote...

"There appeared before me a beautiful Garden.  In the centre of this Garden stood a Tree of Lofty stature.  This tree appeared to have the most beautiful fruit that the eye could behold. People were eating of this tree.  They looked happy, well nourished and a peace that passed all understanding appeared through their countenance.   A fence was around this tree, with an Open Gate.  On the outside of this Gate, stood other trees, that looked like the lofty Tree.  These trees also had fruit on it, and people were thus eating.  As I looked upon these people, there faces looked wasted and unsatisfied.  The fruit they were eating looked like the fruit of the Lofty tree, but it had bruises, and worms throughout.  Some were chained to the other trees and could not let go, while others had to eat.

I saw people going out from the lofty Tree, giving counsel to those without.  I saw that there were some who left the lofty tree, and never returned.  But as many left the Lofty tree, many came back tenfold.  I saw that it was the Last time.  The Gate of the Lofty tree was wide opened, inviting all to enter in. A Warning went throughout the whole garden to the people "Come out, Come out! Why would ye die?"  The people did not know the Garden was to be burned up, and their only safety was within the gate.  Time was Short, the Harvest was plenty, but the labourers few.  I saw that there needed to be a rapidity to save those without."

As I wrote this scene, the Lords still small voice said, "Do you reflect the Lovely image of Jesus as you should?" 

I then impressed my heart that I must share this scene with those in whom I have contact with!

I was told that many would reject the message that the Lord has placed my heart, but that I must walk in the path set out before me.  I was told that I, along with the message given to myself regarding the Father and the Son would be rejected, and I would lose many friends.  While I was given this warning of losing friends, a message of mercy came to me through an old hymn, hymnal 499, "What a friend we have in Jesus, all our Sins and grief’s to bear, all because we do not carry, everything to God in thy friends despise forsake thee, take it to the Lord in prayer, in his arms he'll take and shield thee, thou wilt find a solace there."

I knew what this dream meant, and I knew the message had to be shared with God's remnant people.

The Tree represents Jesus; He is the Tree of Life.  We live by eating His Word, and being nourished in His presence.  The trees outside the Fence are counterfeit trees of the Lofty tree, claiming to be the tree within the fence.  Those that pick off these trees hold on to their old creeds and doctrines, and are blinded to receiving a plain "Thus saith the Lord" from the Word of God.  They keep eating of their fruit, but the more they eat, the more they become like the trees they eat of.

The open Gate is the entrance to the Most Holy Place and to heaven. Jesus Christ is the Gate.  He is the door to heaven, and all that Come to Him will receive nourishment and Life. 

The Warning Given is found in the Three Angels messages.  The Heart of the Three Angels Message is a Call to Stand and Worship the Only true God, and to know Him and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  It is in this that the hearts of the Children will be turned to the Fathers, and the Fathers to the Sons.  We should Honour the Son as we Honour the Father, therefore all allegiance is given to the Only begotten Son, and to the Only true God and Father.

"Come out, Come out! Why would ye die?" is a resounding of the voice from heaven. "Come out of her my people that ye receive not of her plagues..." (Rev 18:4).  This is the Loud Cry.  God is calling His people to come out of False Doctrine and Error, and is calling His people to let go of their democratic view of God in three persons...One in three or Three in One.  God is calling people to see Himself in His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  This voice is being heard as we speak.  Men are rejecting it, while others are receiving it.  It will reach a climax as time progresses, and then it will be loud and clear.

There is a notion going around that it is okay to pray and form a relationship with the Holy Ghost as a separate individual being/personage.  The Lord revealed that this error would spread rapidly, and that it must be met.  This truth was revealed towards the end of 2010, and as of today it is currently being published as truth found in the Bible.  While there is no scriptural Authority for this introduced doctrine, it is seen to be received as truth.  We must meet it, and share with others what is truth, and the truth as it is in Jesus.

The Scene and the view given to me are of the same nature.  The View of the Sheet with different denominations and the Garden with Multiple trees are of one Meaning.  The Lord has Flock not of this Fold, He must Call them Also.

There is a work to be done.  It is not a work we do of ourselves, but a work that God willeth and worketh to do in us.  This work must first start in the Heart, then in the Home, extending to the Community, and then To the World.  What is that Work?  It is the Work that the Lord asked me from the beginning...

"Do you Reflect the Lovely Image of Jesus as you Should?"