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Divine Pattern - Key to the Law Newsletter

Posted Aug 23, 2013 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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We know as Christians that here can be no other foundation than Jesus Christ. Our understanding of who He is affects everything else we believe. Knowing Jesus as the only begotten Son reveals to us the beautiful relationship that exists between Father and Son. In this newsletters series of articles, I am seeking to show how our understanding of the Father and Son affect our understanding of the Law. Is it possible that the doctrine of the Trinity could impact our understanding of the Law?

In this first article called Divine Pattern - Key to the Law, I explain how the Divine Pattern relationship of Father and Son have a direct impact on how we understand the relationship between the 10 Commandments and the Book of the Law; the relationship between the Tablets in the ark and the book in the side of the ark.

In this second article called The Threefold nature of the Law, I explain how the relationship between moral, ceremonial and judicial law could be affected by the Trinity. When I became to trace back the the history of how the Law is understand I found that much of the current understanding derives from Augustine and Aquinas. Do we really want to base our thoughts of the Law on Augustine and Aquinas? This article also discusses how the Divine Pattern might shed light on how we undersand the threefold nature of the Law.

Last month I shared an article called The Divine Pattern, Sun and Moon, Sabbath and the Law. This article provides good background reading for the closing section of Divine Pattern - Key to the Law.

I submit these articles to you for careful thought and reflection. Are we truly building on the rock when we think of the Law or are there potentially remnants of a view of God still affecting us when we think of the Law.

To all our brethren around the world, I pray that the Spirit of Jesus will be with you in abundant measure as you consider these things.

Adrian Ebens