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Eau de Compassion

Posted Nov 20, 2012 by Frank Klin in Testimonies and Stories
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Back in April I shared A Hug From Your Father, a testimony from my friend Lisa.  For Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated in the United States on the 4th Thurday of November, she posted this experience on her Facebook.  One of the things I am thankful for is to know Lisa.  Her heart and caring is a reflection of what it truly means to have the Spirit of Christ. All praise and thanksgiving go to our Father in heaven for His love.

The stench was overpowering. 58? He CAN'T be only 58...looks 90. The vacant blue eyes of the man in the bed barely acknowledged me as I entered his room.

Homeless, he'd been found out in the elements and brought in with body temp of 89. The nurse told him usually when we see people with that core temp, they're dead.

"I didn't know I was that close" he quietly said to me after the nurse left.

Although there for business purposes, I offered comfort care. He was trembling so badly he couldn't open the packet of cocoa mix, so I did, and stirred it up for him. Helped cut his lunch in to bites that he could stab with a fork. How he loved the chunks of pineapple, and ate them as precious morsels. Grabbed several warm blankets from the warmer and tucked him in.

He stated somebody better get that d**g beeping quiet as they did NOT want him cold and cranky. I gently informed him, that the alarm is sounding because his vitals (temp) are not in a safe range yet. He tried out cranky on me, and I took it, and kept offering kindness back, exploring options of assistance for him.

He believes he will be dead soon and it won't matter. Shared my crazy optimism that none of us knows. One day before, everything could turn around and make us glad to be alive.

He hasn't seen his daughter in 30 years, his sisters in 20. His name is Billy, and I shared I have an Uncle name Billy~ not Bill... Billy! His former wife had had long hair.

As he ate, he kept eyeing the two large chocolate chip cookies and milk on his tray. Bringing tears to my eyes... he offered me one of the cookies, saying he thought they were about the nicest thing he'd had in a long time, but that I was very kind and "may have saved my life today".

My heart hurts for all the unloved, those who feel only society’s aversion to their being. Today I am grateful I could make a difference for one.

He even said thank you as I left the room, and I THINK had forgiven me for spilling a tiny bit of the cocoa powder on the blanket... why do you think I had to go grab more blankets? ;)

When my evening relief came on, I apologized, saying I probably smelled pretty bad as I hadn't been out of his room long. Told her a little about him, and she said, "By the way, you DO smell! Like compassion!" Eau de Compassion. Liberally apply daily!

This Thanksgiving... let's truly realize how tremendously blessed we are... and maybe try to make the way easier for the Billy's in your sphere... ~♥