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Goelism #2–Goel Pays the Price of Redemption

Posted Nov 15, 2011 by George Kerr in Worship of True God
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Goel (ga'al, Strong’s H1350) is the Hebrew word translated as kinsman redeemer or avenger.

In Goelism #1 we began by looking at Numbers chapter 35 which defined the requirements of a Goel as an Avenger.  This post explores the redemptive price paid by the Goel to redeem the land of and life of a next of kin, and how it translates into the high value of our spiritual redemption. This is a story of how a next of kin is responsible for the life of a near relative. This next of kin is named the Goel. We need to explore the depth of responsibility of this position, which based on circumstances could involve any male as being responsible for his near relative. Birth order was critically important as to who this responsibility fell to. Let’s first look at the breadth of the responsibility.

Easton‘s Revised Bible Dictionary

Hebrew. goel, from root meaning to redeem. The goel among the Hebrews was the nearest male blood relation alive. Certain important obligations devolved upon him toward his next of kin.

    If any one from poverty was unable to redeem his inheritance, it was the duty of the kinsman to redeem it Lev 25:25, 28; Ruth 3:9, 12. He was also required to redeem his relation who had sold himself into slavery Lev 25:48, 49. God is the Goel of his people because he redeems them Ex 6:6, Isa 43:1, 41:14, 44:6, 22; 48:20; Ps 103:4; Job 19:25 etc.

      The goel also was the avenger of blood Nu 35:21 in the case of the murder of the next of kin.

      Online Bible Hebrew Lexicon

      Original Word- lag

      Transliterated Word- Ga'al

      Phonetic Spelling- gaw-al'


      1. to redeem, act as kinsman-redeemer, avenge, revenge, ransom, do the part of a kinsman
        1. (Qal)
          1. to act as kinsman, do the part of next of kin, act as kinsman-redeemer 1a
        2. by marrying brother's widow to beget a child for him, to redeem from slavery, to redeem land, to exact vengeance
          1. to redeem (by payment)
          2. to redeem (with God as subject) 1a
        3. individuals from death 1a
        4. Israel from Egyptian bondage 1a
        5. Israel from exile
        6. (Niphal)
          1. to redeem oneself
          2. to be redeemed

      King James Word Usage Total:104 redeem 50, redeemer 18, kinsman 13, revenger 7, avenger 6, ransom 2, at all 2, deliver 1, kinsfolks 1, kinsman's part 1, purchase 1, stain 1, wise 1

      Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon

      #1350 lag ga’al gaw-al; a primitive root, to redeem (according to the Oriental law of kinship), i.e. to be the next of kin (and as such to buy back a relative’s property, marry his widow, etc.):” X in any wise, X at all, avenger, deliver, (do, perform the part of near, next) kinsfolk (-man), purchase, ransom, redeem (-er), revenger.

      In the Brown Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon the Hebrew #1350 kinsman: redeem, act as kinsman adds this additional thought: to redeem, by payment of value assessed, of consecrated things, by the original owner Lev 27: 13, 15, 19, 20, 31

      Satan, who is the usurper of our birthright, has no desire for your or my redemption. It is so comforting to realize that we are redeemed based upon the value placed on us by our Creator Goel, Yahushua.

      It is very important to understand the total responsibility of our Goel. Our faith has to lie in His ability to redeem us for we have no power in ourselves to accomplish the task of being redeemed. Our Goel had to purchase us at His own expense, the cost of which was demonstrated on Calvary. It was at Calvary that the price for your and my soul was declared and paid. Our Creator’s blood was shed to purchase and cleanse us.  Not only was the value of our soul declared, but it also declares the price of sin and the cost of its eradication. Calvary demonstrates the amazing love for you and I from both the Father and His Son.


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