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Heartfelt response to The Ten Plagues Preach the Cross

Posted Jan 03, 2016 by Tina Simon in Everlasting Gospel
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First I would love to thank our heavenly Father for all the light He blesses the honest hearts who are willing to study the scripture as for hinding treasures. 

I have learn so much in the past year or two.  The truth regarding the Godhead was such a blessing which open doors for more light to shine on my heart.  When I accepted the truth of the begotten Son my heart rejoiced, I finally knew God's identity and understood the tremendous gift God the Father has given to redeem fallen men. It certainly amplified the APAGE of God that the scripture continually emphasised on.  

But I was unchanged, I believe by faith that Christ in me the hope of glory but my selfrighteous disposition seemed to linger, I wanted Christ to be formed in me but in vain I was still lacking something but did not know what.  I am still struggling with the sin and repent cycle and prayed for an end of this cycle because I did not know the cause.

Thrree days ago I saw a new presentation published on Youtube by Adrian Ebens titled "God's strange act"  the presentation was a powerful biblical study on the TRUE character of God, His judgement and punishment. What a blessing it was to me.  I was relieved and realized that I had a perverted understanding of God.  Even though I had read passages teaching us that God was light and no darkness was in Him" I still misunderstood and feared that God will do evil to my family who refuse to accept His existence, and do evil to me because I still struggle with a lack of perfect obedience to His Will

Finally a light shined in my heart. God is not violent at all.  When the Word is carefully studied we can now see God for who He really is.  Truly a merciful, longsuferring, loving God.  He is not the killer of nations, trangressors, sinners, babies, widows, animals etc (I stongly suggest all to read the article "The Ten Plagues Preach the Cross": for more information) but it is done by the destroyer, the enemy of souls, the serpent called the devil and Satan.  None other then this fallen angel with the aid of his demons are the cause of our suffering. 

This morning I read the article The Ten Plagues Preach the Cross written by Adrian Ebens and my heart just melted, I sobbed with so much grief that I could ever believe our Father was Love on one hand but once He reached His limit,  He can wipe us out if He was mad enough and His wrath was kindled a little too much which affected the way I did interact with other individuals.  Truly, by beholding with become change, this is not an overstatement. 

I believed that if He has enough and feels compelled to killed entire nations for their wickedness or even smite individuals like Akans and his family or Azza who was slaughter for touching the ark then what will this do to our mind? 

Can I be intolerant of someone's wickedness because I find it to hard to bear? I found myself in this situation all to often  and reacted according to my understanding of the character of God and now I see how my understanding was perverted.   Father seeks to repair the breach that we are causing ourselves by our trangressions which opens the door to the enemy to destroy whomever he can. 

I admit this article made me cry througout the day and cause me to repent and ask forgiveness for holding to such a malignant view of our Loving Father's character. 

As I was sharing these feelings with pastor Adrian today after reading the article that this message of truth MUST be shared without a doubt. I have shared the truth of the Godhead but this is my next step, I want to help sharing this truth. . We must go forward with this message regardless of what the enemy is trying to stir. Satan hates this message because he has worked very hard in perverting the character of God and this truth will be met with brutal opposition.  Friends have experienced strange phenomenons while viewing God's strange act which distracted them and caused great fear and a sense of an evil presence in their home.  Only prayer can stop the activities and it was so.   Was this a coincidence? I thought it was possible until I experienced it for myself while reading the article.  Why is it important for the enemy to obscur the true loving character of God?  He as done it in heaven among the Holy angels, we have one expample  in  Job 1:16  While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said, The fire of God is fallen from heaven, and hath burned up the sheep, and the servants, and consumed them; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.  But we know it was Satan who did it, yes God did permit it to happen but why?  My plea to all who are reading this is to take the time to read the article and to view the presentation and I pray this will be as freeing to you that it was to me. 

Thank you again Pastor Adrian for all the efforts you do for our Father's kingdom and in feeding His flock the true gospel. 

I share the link of the article here

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