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Helping Positively

Posted Nov 26, 2011 by Michael in Devotional - Blog
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When you get asked to do something by your parents there's typically three options:

  1. Do it positively
  2. Do it negatively
  3. Not do it at all

It's definitely not natural to do it positively. Personally, because I hate to hurt people's feelings, my natural selection is option two. But for some reason, for the last week it's been a lot easier to help out positively. As a result, I've rediscovered that there are many benefits that come with helping positively. I felt good about helping, I felt productive, I got a blessing from my parents, and of course there are health benefits involved in positive feelings.

It made me think, what benefits are there to helping negatively? None really. The only reason I'm negative is because I'd rather be doing something else, but (thanks to my hatred of hurting other people's feelings) it's not like I'm going to get out of it; I'm going to end up doing it either way. Given this, all helping negatively leaves me with is the feeling that I'm wasting time, no blessing or even a curse from my parents, and negative effects on health.

All in all, helping negatively is illogical and not helping is just bad. I hope that I'll remember this lesson, and not have to rediscover it again. Thanks for reading!