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If Only We Had Known

Posted Feb 23, 2011 by Evelyn Ebens in Family and Community
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I am amazed when I think back, how really we have been preaching more doctrine than gospel.

In my study 'Gospel of the Kingdom' I discovered that the disciples of Jesus  preached about the Father and the Son, Their gift of Salvation and Their Heavenly Home. It was a simple message but, not acceptable by the church of the day. They did not want to believe that Jesus was actually the Son of God.

The disciple then would challenge  the new convert to repent and be baptized. I never understood repentance until  recently!  Repent for what exactly? I would recite the 10 commandments ticking them by one. Now I realise that, we must see the Heavenly Father, catch a glimpse of /his perfection and holiness..

How unacceptable we are in His sight, as we have inherited Satan's tendencies. We must be covered by the blood of Jesus. We go through Jesus to the Father and then  Their Holy Spirit comes back through Jesus to us!  We need to realise that without God we are nothing...that we depend on Him for life; for identity; for gifts; for wisdom and so much more.

Husband and Wife as CompetitorsI feel embarrassed, as I remember my attitude towards my husband. I promised to" love and obey" in the wedding ceremony but  thats where the respect ended. He became my competitor...definitely not my protector. We fought for supremacy. as did many women in the  1970's and  1980's. Feminism was rife..and many women actually 'rules the roost'.

I have now discovered 'blessing' from God through my husband. I pray if  things are not to my liking. Problems are solved without dispute.Since we have discovered this concept of respect and submission, I have become a more nurturing wife.

Just think of all the happiness we have missed---these 46 years!!