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In My Father's House

Posted Nov 18, 2010 by Adrian Ebens in Devotional - Blog
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I have been meditating in recent days of dwelling in our Father's house. I can picture the scene: as a family we are all seated and our Heavenly Father sits at the head of the table with His Son. Our hearts thrill with joy as we see them enter - we are going to have breakfast together! We listen to words of wisdom from the Son of God straight from the Father and it is simply a joy to be there, to be in their presence, to belong to the family of God.

The knowledge that I belong to the family of God fills me with peace. My heavenly Father loves me and desires me to live with Him forever. He wants to teach me many things and let me experience more, much more of what He understands and thinks about. What a joyful thought.

At evening time, I do not go to my own mansion, but I go to my room in the Father's house, for I live with Him, I belong to Him, I am His; His through the blood of the Lamb, our precious Saviour. I don't want a mansion of my own, I just want a room in my Father's house. Whatever He wishes to give me, I am content, I care not other than I can be with the Father and His Son.

I am thankful that the NIV for John 14:1-3 says that in our Father's house in many rooms rather than mansions for I want to live with our Father and be near Him.

I look forward to our first worship around the throng when we will lift our hearts in praise to God and the Lamb and what a thrill will throb that happy family throne as we know beyond any doubt that we belong and are home.