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Living for the Lord

Posted Aug 06, 2010 by Michael in Testimonies and Stories
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A couple of days ago, I made a commitment to use my skills and live only for the Lord. Before this, I had been increasingly using the skills God had given me (in web development, programming, and other technology) for myself, and to advance the wants of myself.

Dad talked to me about this a number of times, and a couple of days ago, as said before, I decided to use my skills and life for the Lord, and not myself. Well, I sure have been blessed the last two days! The Lord has given me wisdom to work at a much faster pace, a get more done in less time. I'm more efficient in what I do, and my task list is actually shrinking! I have a much greater  desire to read the Bible, and do other spiritual things. My eyes are being opened to new things I'd never thought of before. Best of all, I just feel blessed!

As I go on, the more I see that when you give things up (I didn't really have to give anything in this case, it just seemed like I would), the Lord always gives so much more in return.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop in a quick blog and tell everyone about that. Thanks for reading!