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Mantle of Elijah: Ellen G. White and New prophets

Posted Nov 04, 2014 by Alex Ge in General
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I love Ellen White.

Because I live near the White Sea?

Because six months is snowing, and all white?


I understand that this woman through the Lord Himself nourished and brought up the whole prophetic movement - thousands and thousands of men and women.

The power of God came into our dying world through this fragile and feeble woman ...

I am grateful to her how grateful my mother.

My mom helped me come to this world and become a man to think for themselves.

Ellen White has helped me learn my Savior Jesus and the Heavenly Father. She helped me to see myself in the biblical story, and in Revelation. Through her ​​books, inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, I realized that I live in the last days of earth's history. An example of her life strengthens and inspires me to stand on the protection of the truth.

I thank my Heavenly Father for the heart of Mrs. White, in which he lived through Christ and His Spirit.


I was never ashamed to confess and tell people - who is my mother.

Mom raised me and my sister alone, without my father, with whom she was divorced.

My mom is a teacher of Russian language and literature, she worked 25 years in a prison school for adults. Only now I'm starting to realize that my mother was a teacher in the real hell, and how is any prison.

Every day she brought home a huge stack of notebooks and checked before midnight dictations and essays. She was very passionate about their work and I was fascinated by his love for literature.

But my mother taught me how to love not only books, but books and authors, revealing to me their difficult fate, which often ends in tragedy.

My favorite Russian poets killed - a duel. It Pushkin and Lermontov.

When I found out about it - I was 10 or so - I realized that the world is unfair and cruel to the best people.

So it seemed to me.

Now I am convinced of this ...


I never, under any circumstances, would not want to be ashamed of the name of Mrs. White.

For me, this is tantamount to as if I forgot the name of his mother, or was suddenly ashamed of her in the wrong place or in the wrong environment. This is the height of hypocrisy. And my mom does not like the most is the quality - duplicity and hypocrisy.

I will tell an amazing thing - but in Russia in the first half of the 19th century had a premonition of the Adventist movement. Pushkin's friend named Peter Chaadayev wrote to him in 1831:

"But vague presentiment tells me that soon there will be people who will bring us the truth ... centuries. Will set in motion a movement which should complete the fate of mankind ... Much preceding the Great minute when the good news was proclaimed the divine messenger, was intended to prepare her for the world. And these days, no doubt, also happens a lot for this same purpose, before we get to heaven a new gospel. We'll wait. "


So, when we are close - very close to another man, it is often not even see his face. But great - grand - seen from a distance. A hundred years shows clearly that Mrs. Ellen White was a prophet of the living God. She was so modest that he asked his brothers standing face to face to her, do not call her a prophet. She was so modest that requested not to mention her name and did not refer to it in the public service ...

But this does not change the fact, brothers!

And when you forget who you are fed spiritual milk, so that you become men of faith, I'm sad ...

I know that the world is cruel to the best ...

But when you consciously make the principle of his ministry, not to mention the name of Mrs. Ellen G. White, I want to ask: "Where is the hypocrisy?"

Violating spiritual continuity, you break the spine of their own ministry and deprived of his power.


Elisha, who loved spiritual mentor as his father and did not want to part with him, knew whose mantle  fell from the sky. It was a mantle of Elijah. This is known to all in Israel, because dozens of witnesses saw that in the hands of Elisha the same cloak that made ​​Elijah parted the waters of Jordan. (2 Kings 2: 6-15)


Today, any sane person can in five minutes to determine at what spiritual foundation we stand. Because so many witnesses. Because on one phrase can reconstruct all the message by looking in the internet ...

Why are we so carefully hide their affiliation to the fateful Adventist movement? We do not want bad publicity? We preach with an eye on public opinion? But public opinion - is a prostitute. The Lord says - not conformed to this world.

 (Romans 12: 2)


Jesus was not afraid of public opinion.

If Mrs. White - Prophet of the Living God. And we'd better not delete comments or evidence which merely refer to her book.

For example, one of our brother is trying to tell people about the Bible prophecy of Revelation 13, about America's role in the recent events of earth's history, that Protestant America goes to an alliance with the Vatican ... He says everything correctly, but gives the impression that the understanding of the book of Revelation he was born just at this very moment, just that - at the moment.

He feels that this is a good technique of creative processing of the spiritual heritage of Ellen White.

But the source of his message, there is not even an indirect indication. Although it is clear that he learned well the Adventist message - namely, the chapter "America in Prophecy" from the book "The Great Controversy".

Brother forgot to designate ancestry prophecy, because he made the creed of his ministry - not to mention the word Adventist and not to refer to Mrs. White. He left Mrs. White for internal use. Or rather - he put this "little light" in the closet, that he shone his one on special occasions - when you need to talk to the "dedication" people.


This strange method - specify the source when it comes to the Catholic catechism. And do not indicate the source of the prophecy, when it comes to God's messenger.


But this strange approach deprived him of the prophetic message of strength, because he forgot to tell that the prophecy itself was first presented to the public 120 years ago. While all Protestants believed that the Pope - the antichrist. While America itself was a third-state away from the center of decision-making. And no one but God's prophet, dared not so unequivocally that the United States - is the beast of Revelation 13!

  By the will of God is the know-how Ellen White - prophet.

God worked it with her, because he knew that she can be trusted with this message at this very obvious and awkward for her situation. Is the power of God's prophecy is not it?

If we say that it is not important, then again sit in a puddle ...

It turns out that God did not warn his people in advance, although His mercy and humanity is expressed in the fact that he was warned in advance, long before it all happens ...


So our brother threw the cloak of Elijah, but decided not to tell anyone where he fell on his head and who is his master.

And what will happen when it is suitable to the Jordan? Do you think the water of the river parted?


Elisha went with Elijah close to the end. He wanted to share his fate, whatever happens. He wanted to have the same spiritual power which had chosen one of Heaven.


I want to be with Mrs. White to the end, even when her public image will turn into a black hole.

And I ask my Lord, when I was fit and asked how Peter, as you also know White? - That I had the strength to say "yes" ...

Oh, Mrs. White! - you elect lady.


And God forgive us for our desire to be independent of the prophets ...

Forgive us that we are ashamed of the name of the owner of the prophetic mantle, in which we actually wrapped from head to toe ...

Accept our repentance and give us the power of your Holy Spirit doubly ...


And again it is snowing, and all around the white ...