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New Adventist President in Harmony with School of Antioch, Celts and Waldenses

Posted Jul 20, 2010 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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July 20, 2010

Go Forward

As I sat and listened to the New Adventist General Conference President address the church, I allowed myself to hope and believe. Again and again, he made the point that we must read our Bibles according to the literal methods of interpretation. He warned against spiritualising away the truths that we hold dear. He upheld the literal six day creation; he uplifted the Spirit of Prophecy; He rejected the mega churches and the emergent church.

I confess that I wept as I listened to this presentation. I felt extremely encouraged to hear these words coming from the president of the church. When hope is crushed it is easy to remain negative and refuse to believe that the church will change, but I dare to hope, I dare to dream because I love my church family and I want to think the best about our leaders and their motives and intentions.

Pr Wilson has made a very clear call to reject the spiritual and allegorial methods of interpretation regarding the Bible. It reminded me of the great early church leader Lucian who wrote the forerunner of the Textus Receptus.

...few men have left such a deep print on the history of Christianity. The opposition to the allegorizing tendencies of the Alexandrines centred in him [Lucian]. He rejected this system entirely and propounded a system of literal interpretation which dominated the Eastern Church for a long period. - Lucian of Antioch ? Catholic Encyclopaedia

The struggle of the church of Antioch as well as the Celtic Church was a struggle largely against the spiritualised methods of interpretation that arose from Alexandria and became a key component of Romanism.

History bears out the facts that those who abandoned the system championed by Lucian eventually gave up the Sabbath as well as a belief in Jesus being the true and literal Son of God. Both of these beliefs along with other Bible teachings were swallowed up in the mystical, allegorical methods of Rome.

We stand at the threshold of destiny. As a church we have already surrendered much of our teaching to the Alexandrian methods. This call from President Wilson demands our every support and earnest prayers. To me it appears that many have already gone to far to release themselves from the betwitching methods of Rome, they are firmly entranced by a derivative of their god. Yet Iive in the hope that in this clarion call from the president, there is a door of hope to recapture the system of belief that was championed by the Woman of Revelation 12 - The church of Antioch, the Celtic Church, the Waldenses and of course the Adventist Pioneers - all of these read and maintained the scriptures within a literal system.

May the call of President Wilson not only solidify the literal six day creation and the sanctuary in heaven, but shake the church back towards the rock of our salvation - the Son of the living God.


The best history we have on Revelation 12 and the Wilderness Church is Truth Triumphant by B.G Wilkinson

On the Process of SPiritualisation of Adventist Doctrine in the SDA Church over recent years, see the sermon - The Inroads of Spiritualism

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