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Plea to a misled brother.

Posted Mar 03, 2013 by Michael Nickson in General
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Greetings David, 
You may recall i'm the guy whom you somewhat presumptuously thought was going to help fund your work because you believed i was a man of means? Far from it, i'm a senior living below the poverty level but who's been following your activities with much interest since contacting you to determine whether copies of the New Illustrated Great Controversy were still available only to learn they continue out of print, thus circulation, since their first and only printing way back when. It has, however, not been a source of amusement to see how you keep promoting that publication when there remain none available to distribute. Like you, i love that version and wanted to help scatter it like the leaves of autumn which is why i established contact with you in the first place. And, also like you, i am annoyed to say the least that the SDA church are promoting a wimpy version designed to avert the collision prophesied by Almighty God between the forces of good and evil. But there's more.
You say you promote Historical Adventism but you deny the very basis of its belief in the One True God as evidenced in their 1872 pamphlet "Declaration of the Fundamental Principles..." and believe in a trinity of gods as do the current SDA administration. It's not sufficient to simply say that the Pioneers, including EGW, believed in three gods in one and quote out of context some of her comments in an effort to support such an ill-founded conclusion, when in reality the truth is quite the reverse. If you truly are a student of Adventist history then perhaps you ought to revisit your belief and i can perhaps, in my own inadequate way, suggest you refer to the evidence as presented in the link as follows:
Do not remain swayed by what the Corporate church says today, indeed, they themselves know full well that their predecessors did not believe in a trinity and just one proof of that is found in "Issues: The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Certain Private Ministries" authorized by the North AmericanDivision Officers and Union Presidents, 1992, on page 39. In commenting on the 1872 Statement of Beliefs, they say "The nonbinding, noncreedal status of the statement is of special interest. Even more significant, however, is the fact that the statement is distinctly non-Trinitarian....Are the modern defenders of so-called historic Adventism really prepared to return to a non-Trinitarian position?" It then refers correctly to "Adventism's gradual adoption of Trinitarianism" by incorrectly indicating it was because of "the influence of Ellen White's writings..."
Then, on page 50, they say "Complex theological definitions, the Trinity, for example, may serve the church well in general but cannot be imposed as a test for all Adventists everywhere." whatever that means? So why do they continue to dis-fellowship members for not believing in their three-in-one-god? Also said is "...Remembering our non-Trinitarian past as well as the simplicity of our landmarks should encourage a certain humility in the church and lead us to resist any attempt by one segment of the church to impose its views on the rest." Yet that's exactly what they do by expelling non-believers in their now Catholic trinity. You're probably not unconscious of the fact that the trinity is the platform upon which the Catholic church basis all their other doctrines? Oh, David, how we all need to sigh and cry for the sins done in the church.
I'll continue to follow you if i may for i remain desirous of your success and would like to see it and soon, but i know all God's children are facing severe trials but that, through them all, they'll emerge victorious should they "Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus." The key here is "sound words" and "sound words" were what the pioneers held to be the Truth against the trinity.
Blessings from Michael Nickson.