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Prayer for the new brother

Posted May 26, 2015 by Alex Ge in General
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Hi, dear brothers and sisters!

Recently I had a collaborator who now, maybe one in your own country, the Father and Son removed from the house of slavery - from captivity Trinitarian views. His name Bagrat. He lives in Central Georgia is in the Caucasus, it is not in the US. Bagrat - Adventist, he has a theological education. About a month ago he had serious doubts about the Trinity. Now he is preaching the truth about God and His beloved Son. He will have a serious conversation with Church leaders, the result of which we can predict... He face a critical test in the relationship with his wife, who is also a member of the Church... And today I learned that his son fell from the roof of the garage and broke my shoulder. Have a surgery. Bagrat asked me to pray for her son and his health. I'm sure many in this community also respond to my request and will pray for the needs of our new brother, to whom the Father revealed the glory of the only begotten Son. You can find Bagrat on Facebook and add him as friends, and to Express words of support.                            

It's just. But this, if done with love.

Thank you all!