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Space Babylon : the fate of Heaven

Posted Jan 02, 2014 by Alex Ge in General
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I live in Arkhangelsk. Once I realized that my home town is located in the nuclear triangle. Judge for yourself . Very close - 30 kilometers to the west - is the center of nuclear shipbuilding . Basically there make nuclear submarines are armed with nuclear missiles .

In the south - 180 kilometers - is military cosmodrome "Plesetsk" . It is Russia's main spaceport , hidden from prying eyes in the northern taiga . Hence it can launch a missile with a nuclear warhead anywhere in the world .

Thousands of kilometers to the north- east is the nuclear test site . In the middle of the last century, scientists have chosen a deserted military Novaya Zemlya archipelago for their experiments. Here , Novaya Zemlya was detonated the most powerful hydrogen bomb in the history of mankind. Until now, there is a military garrison , and I have a friend from a military family , who grew up in the New Earth . This is a very tough place to live - the country winds ...

Ten years ago I worked as a journalist in one of the central Russian newspapers - "Izvestia" . One of the topics that I covered was ecology. More precisely - the consequences of space-rocket activity . Imagine big rocket flying on artificial fuel - heptyl . This substance is very dangerous , it is poison . One touch to it may cause the death of a person. When a spaceport "Plesetsk" launch a rocket , its first stage falls directly on the ground in the forest. You do not have time to burn all the fuel . That is heptyl as napalm, watering our forests .

Almost half a century of activity  spaceport "Plesetsk" residents suffered several areas of the Arkhangelsk region. Military never compensate the damage caused to nature and people . Something began to change in the early 2000s . In particular, after the active intervention of environmentalists and the press.

And here's what I found out when I was plunged into all these issues related to missile and space activities , when met with the leaders of opinion in this topic .

It turned out that in the Security Council of Russia in the 90th years of the last century, seriously considered the following forecast and warning of our scientists .

Thus , the level of human impact on the near space is extremely high . Upper atmosphere , ie near-Earth space , may simply disappear after a short period of time.

In 1999, Academician Alexey Yablokov at a meeting devoted to environmental hazard rocket and space activities , makes the following statement .

APPLE: If space activities will continue at the same rate and the same means by which it is carried out , then after about 20 years, the fate of humanity is in jeopardy . We consider several aspects of why we come to such an alarming conclusion.

The first aspect - is the impact of space activities on the upper atmosphere .

After this statement was made in 1999 , I had several conversations with Alexei Yablokov , and I was interested in it - is something that the general public has paid attention to this catastrophic prediction? Yablokov bitterly stated: " The conspiracy of silence ! "

( In 2003, the newspaper "Izvestia" I managed to publish warnings Academician Yablokov and his associates. In 2007, my essay on the subject was published by news agency Arkhangelsk -

I note that in 1999, sounded a warning based on the results of studies Russian physicist Mikhail Vlasov .

Here is an excerpt from the statement of the Mikhail Vlasov , voiced by the Security Council at the end of the 90th , with the assistance of Academician Yablokov :

Vlasov : " Lower limit near-Earth space is at a height of 15-20 kilometers above the Earth , that is below the maximum density of the ozone layer and the upper - extends to tens or hundreds of Earth radii . Imagining how enormous scope and importance of this medium , we mistakenly believe that the human impact on it may not be so great . In fact - the situation is catastrophic . Currently, we have reached a level of human impact on the near space , what is not experiencing any other medium : no hydrosphere , lithosphere no , no ground-level atmosphere.

This is due to two factors . First, we are dealing with a much weaker environment , where the content matter and energy processes forming environment , many orders of magnitude smaller than in the surface atmosphere , not to mention the lithosphere and hydrosphere . Secondly , the development of the medium being the most powerful modern means , what are space rockets . With this combination , and it turned out that now the global ratio of emission of energy and matter in the near space exceed all that we have on the ground or in the surface atmosphere .

A very simple example . One rocket type "Proton" or "Shuttle" throws in the upper atmosphere as much hydrogen as it is contained there , and a mushroom-shaped cloud of hydrogen gas extends to tens of thousands of kilometers. What if this happens ? In the upper atmosphere , in contrast to the surface , no local entities that have retained the ejected gas . The missiles are launched quite often , hydrogen accumulates , and we can already say that its global balance in the upper atmosphere is broken . The results of many studies of the influence of hydrogen on the state of the upper atmosphere show that a change in the ionosphere , ionospheric drift formed giant hole observed us and the Americans since the time of the launch of the first rocket " Saturn 5 " , the concentration of charged particles falls many times . In addition, such a global imbalance of hydrogen must also affect the ozone , because one of the natural cycles of destruction of ozone - hydrogen .

I emphasize that all the implications of the near space very well confirmed by experimental and model calculations . And all these effects are primarily global in nature. It is an environment change , the possible loss of the medium itself.

All that is happening globally . You can not mess up space only over Russia or just over America . Ground pollution problems may be secondary , if they start changing global physical conditions of our life . The fact that this medium can be lost quickly enough , apparently.

Every attentive reader of the Gospel has been for two thousand years following obvious prophetic text:

But the day of the Lord as a thief ,

in which the heavens will be noisy ( disappear )

particles as the burning will be destroyed

and the earth and that her case will be found.

New heavens and the earth as a new

His promise to expect

in which righteousness dwells .

2nd Epistle of St. Peter 3:10,13

" And the sky was voted as the folding scroll and every mountain and island with their locations have been shifted ."

It is important to note that long before the rocket and space of human activities , it was stated that sooner or later people will bring a curse not only on Earth, but the sky - on the near-Earth space , without which the Earth is dead.

And he that sat upon the throne

Here's the new do everything, and says:

Write , because these words are faithful and true there .

He said to me : They realized.

Revelation 21:4