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Street Outreach Report

Posted Feb 19, 2012 by Jeff Wilson in Outreach (Preach Unto Them)
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Brisbane/South Bank [Australia] Outreach Happenings:

My name is Jeff Wilson and here is a mission report to encourage you to pray for a newly formed specific city mission in Brisbane or even consider experimenting in doing something similar.

After my friend and I are settled a little more, one or two of you may even like to join us or come and see first hand what we do.

Years back I was involved in a successful Street Ministry in Melbourne. Recently I decided to embark on a similar venture here in QLD where I now live. Last month I decided to have a crack at Brisbane city. Just before peak hour late arvo. I simply chose to stand at the exit/entrance area of Central Station and hand out small tracts and cards offering a free copy of the identity war audio book to people commuting back home from their days work. It was reasonably successful but I could see room for improvement with something more prominent, visible and organised.

After casually mentioning my little project idea to a friend he immediately responded by saying "Would you like me to join you?"! Thinking two is better than one, and knowing doing things on your own can very quite challenging and lonely, I welcomed his willing participation.

So soon after, I felt impressed to  share the latest developments of our Brisbane Outreach Project along with a few encouraging experiences.

After experimenting in central Brisbane my friend suggested we try another location so it was here that we took things further to the next level. We decided to move to the more tranquil and relaxed atmosphere of South bank along the Brisbane river and that has proved very positive.

the up-side over the central Brisbane is that the people at South bank are not so distracted by consumer outlets (stores, billboards, continuos noise, traffic ........).

Sabbath 11th Feb: In the afternoon we set up our trusty  "Bunnings" portable table and spread a variety of DVDs tracts and a few small booklets on it.

One of us would hand out cards or free DVDs to passers by and the other (usually myself) would engage in conversation with those who showed an interest in wanting to know more.

There were all in all approximately 6 really positive one-on one contacts for the day that consisted in open conversation any where from 10, 15  or sometimes 30 minutes or more. (However, regarding all the many other quick "up and go" encounters, I suppose we will never know what fruit will come from that until the kingdom)

Personal Contacts:

Psychologist Lady: One lady that stands out told me she was a Christian "Life coach", Psychologist and missionary - planning orphanage project in India. I had a wonderful conversation with her. Interestingly she told me 70% of her clients in her practice are "Christian"!!!! Hmmmm interesting to hear that. Anyway, she commended us by saying "you are doing a great work..." which told me obviously she could see the need for something like this in Brisbane. She took away some Identity Wars material and another DVD.

University Librarian: Another gentleman approached our table expressing an interest in the identity wars resources and concepts. He worked at the library at Queensland University of Technology. He also took some of these materials.

And there were a few others that I cannot recall who also that approached us.

Sabbath afternoon 18th Feb: was a very productive day.

This time we had some signage and a larger variety of resources and this seemed to have a little more impact and catch some people's attention.

We dispersed a few more resources this time also.


Johan: This buff fit looking guy approached the table with his girl friend. When I asked him what attracted him to the table ....... and something to the effect of what his spiritual interest was, he told me that not long back he had encountered a "ghost" . I interpreted this to mean he encountered some kind of demonic visitant for one reason or another - perhaps opening up the door to demonic influences. This 3 successive night "ghost" encounter was enough to really freak him out causing him to look for help. That's when he turned to God. So now he is very eager to discover more and advance in truth. I had a good conversation with both him and his girlfriend who both seemed very interested in what I was sharing and he had many questions. I felt impressed to give him The Great Controversy, The Desire of Ages, Identity Wars Mp3, and a couple of other small bits and pieces.

Paul: Paul was a Koren Engineering post-graduate and very eager and inquisitive. Although his English was not great he seemed to catch onto what I was sharing and I could see he has a strong desire to investigate and explore this newly discovered truth. I had prayer with him and gave him the identity wars Mp3 audio book along with the book and mentioned that reading the book along with the audio playing simultaneously might be a good way to sharpen up his English. I also gave him the Great Controversy and told him to treasure it believing God would one day give him the ability to understandingly read it thru.

George: This was for me the day highlight. George was a ex-Catholic Australian resident originally from Columbia. He told me how he saw thru the Catholic system, that it was not quite right, and two years ago had become a Christian after a series of life challenges. George has just finished trade school in cabinet making and struggling with unemployment. However, he was VERY drawn to our table and resources. I spent at least half and hour chatting with George and could see he was very hungry and completely open for further light and truth. I suspected The Great controversy would be the book just right for him and as I explained its content this was affirmed. I could tell this was very good soil for planting!!

And like others, he wanted more! So I placed a few other goodies like The Desire of Ages, Heaven's Healing (a book featuring the "NEWSTART" health principles), Identity Wars and some DVDs into a carry bag for him to go on his way. Interestingly when I shared the content of some of the kingdom principles of Identity Wars like power, position and performance in contrast to the kingdom principle of value thru relationships - spiritual, family and social etc. he commented by saying "hmmm...that's wonderful, that's like music to my ears"!!!!!! He certainly got the point and could see what Kingdom of the two really matters.

We don't solicit money for the resources (because of the circumstances)  but if someone feels they would like to offer a donation we willingly accept it.

There are a couple of generous people already supporting us with DVDs and books which tells me God is leading. (He has always opened the way and provided resources "on time" when I have started something like this.)

This work can at times be challenging and testing - especially when there are so many people in the sports-engrossed, fashion worshiping, pleasure seeking Aussie culture who seem completely indifferent to things regarding eternal realities. Yet God longs to awaken precious souls to a knowledge of the saving truth and these positive experiences have given me an indication of new opportunities yet to come and divine appointments like these are priceless and most memorable that I hope and pray will bring fruit for the Master's glory and eternal kingdom. And it is always a good feeling to go home with a lot less books!!!!

There is NOTHING that compare with having the opportunity of sharing our Lord and Saviour with someone who does not know Him.

Please pray for God's blessing for the continuation of this ministry with no interferences from authorities or the enemy.