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Testimony of divine pattern at work

Posted Dec 08, 2014 by Morry Stokes in General
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Blessings folks,
I would like to share a short testimony on the principle of headship and submission in the Divine Pattern. Last week I was sent to a job within my employment for which I have had little experience, in my job I operate an 8t excavator for the local council. I was sent to a job where I was digging a trench for stormwater pipes, now crossing this trench were a number of essential underground services which is the part I have had no experience with. This job took me quite a bit longer to complete than if it was done by someone who was familiar with this type of work, on top of this the supervisor of this job was a man who is well known for his impatient and angry demeanour, which made me even more nervous, so needless to say he put in a complaint about me and had a few nasty words to say to me which I meekly accepted (as I was all to aware of my deficiency).
Come Friday when I was no longer required on that site I had the opportunity (or I should say the Lord gave me the opportunity) to speak to the supervisor alone. What I said to him I think made him take a step or two back, I calmly said to him that I was appreciative of him allowing me the opportunity to gain this experience and I thanked him and said that next time I do this sort of work I will be that much more the better at it, he responded with a few quietly spoken words that basically said that he was unaware that I was inexperienced and it was ok. At a guess I would say that next time I have the pleasure of doing a job for him he will be a bit more understanding towards me because he is used to having people fly back at him so this is something that he has not encountered before, I pray that this will help him be a little more thoughtful towards those who might come after me in the same situation.