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The Royal Line

Posted Jan 03, 2013 by Frank Klin in Devotional - Blog
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The following thoughts from Sister White that I read during a recent devotional time really encouraged and blessed me:

Notwithstanding the prevailing iniquity, there was a line of holy men who, elevated and ennobled by communion with God, lived as in the companionship of heaven. They were men of massive intellect, of wonderful attainments. They had a great and holy mission--to develop a character of righteousness, to teach a lesson of godliness, not only to the men of their time, but for future generations. Only a few of the most prominent are mentioned in the Scriptures; but all through the ages God had faithful witnesses, truehearted worshipers.  

How often those who trusted the word of God, though in themselves utterly helpless, have withstood the power of the whole world--Enoch, pure in heart, holy in life, holding fast his faith in the triumph of righteousness against a corrupt and scoffing generation; Noah and his household against the men of his time, men of the greatest physical and mental strength and the most debased in morals; the children of Israel at the Red Sea, a helpless, terrified multitude of slaves, against the mightiest army of the mightiest nation on the globe; David, a shepherd lad, having God's promise of the throne, against Saul, the established monarch, bent on holding fast his power; Shadrach and his companions in the fire, and Nebuchadnezzar on the throne; Daniel among the lions, his enemies in the high places of the kingdom; Jesus on the cross, and the Jewish priests and rulers forcing even the Roman governor to work their will; Paul in chains led to a criminal's death, Nero the despot of a world empire. 

Such examples are not found in the Bible only. They abound in every record of human progress. The Vaudois and the Huguenots, Wycliffe and Huss, Jerome and Luther, Tyndale and Knox, Zinzendorf and Wesley, with multitudes of others have witnessed to the power of God's word against human power and policy in support of evil. These are the world's true nobility. This is its royal line. In this line the youth of today are called to take their places.  {Conflict and Courage, page 9}

When I read the words "royal line" it reminded me of a song by that title. Rex Conklin's wife Dari introduced it to me one night during worship when I lived in their home and we've been singing it ever since. It was written by Warren C. Wilson an Adventist that lived from 1923-1989. The song was included in "To Thee O Lord", a book he wrote of poetry, wisdom and songs. Here are the words:


The Royal Line

1. In Herod’s dungeon all alone

Brave John the Baptist lay.

While kings and nobles wined and dined,

And watched Salome play.

And then was John the Baptist slain,

A sacrifice to wine:

One of earth’s nobility –

Part of the Royal Line.



Nobility – earth’s royalty –

It’s not the kings and queens and popes

that are its majesty.

It’s those who choose to follow Christ in love

and pure humility:

And even torture, chains and death

can’t break their loyalty.


2. The Saviour suffered on the cross

In agony divine;

Such pain as His we’ll never know–

The sun refused to shine.

An earthquake marked His dying hour,

The sins He bore were mine;

The greatest of earth’s royalty–

Head of the Royal Line.


3. Some day His hands will swing the gates

To Zion in the sky,

And bid the remnant enter in

Where they will never die.

They’ll follow Him where’er He goes,

With stars their crowns will shine;

Last of earth’s nobility.

Last of the Royal Line.


4. And now O friends will you be there

Among the blood-bought throng?

And will you eat the fruit of life

And sing the ransomed’s song?

And wing your flights to worlds afar,

Ambassadors divine.

And tell the wondrous love of Christ,

Head of the Royal Line.