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Thoughts on Pilgrim's Progress

Posted Jun 28, 2010 by Michael in Devotional - Blog
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(Written Age 13)

Over three Sabbaths I have been listening to the 6 and a half hour audio series for Pilgrims Progress (last Sabbath was the last of the three). I was encouraged to share a few thoughts on the series, so that's what I'm doing now.

I have listened to the series before (or at least most of it), but this was the first time I have gone through the series since my conversion, and with prayer. I can definitely say I was blessed, the story is a exceptionally accurate physical representation of a spiritual reality. I was able to relate quite a bit of what the characters went through to my own experience and of others I know. I found so much meaning in what was being said, and I'm sure there's a lot I'm missing.

Being a very visual person when listening to audio (as in, I build the visuals for audio when I listen to it), I was making scenes in my head and almost watching a movie about it while listening to the audio. It was interesting to relate the visuals with Dad, who has visuals from listening to it too.

The ending had a deep impression on my mind, the part where they made it to heaven. Imagining the scene of the two tried pilgrims arriving triumphantly to Mt. Zion with their guardian angels, the thousands of trumpeters weaving their music, the pearly gates opening to and the Son's loving facing looking towards his faithful pilgrims. How I wished to be there myself...