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Unlocking the Mystery of God

Posted Dec 23, 2012 by Cristina Mendoza in Worship of True God
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For sometime now I have been sensing the need to share the truth of the One true God and His only begotten Son with non-SDA Christians. I want to share with them the blessings that learning this truth can bring. Although I enjoy sharing books I know that some people prefer to watch something instead of just hearing or reading it, so I also enjoy sharing the message in DVD form.

So for me it was wonderful news to see the annoucement of a new series on the website of Revelation 14:12 Ministries titled “Unlocking the Mystery of God.” This series has a total of 9 studies and it’s really designed for sharing with Christians of other denominations. I am grateful to the Lord for providing these important studies. Brother Imad Awde presents the messages in a way that allows the subject matter to be clearly understood.

I’m sure that many within the Maranatha Media community also have a burden to take the message to other believers not of our faith. Please watch the trailer above and CLICK HERE to access the complete series. I believe you will receive a blessing. May the prayer of Jesus in John 17 become a reality, so together we can fulfill the commission he gave us.

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.(Matthew 24:14).

“The truth must be carried from city to city, from street to street, from family to family. The truth must be carried from province to province, from kingdom to kingdom, the highways and byways must be truly gleaned, and the messages must spread from continent to continent, until the whole earth is belted with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Bible Echo, May 21, 1894, par. 1.