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Published Dec 30, 2021
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This series of presentations represents a revolution in thinking about what constitutes our value as human beings.

Satan told our first parents in the garden of Eden that we would not die if we disobeyed God. To disobey is to break your relationship with God. Satan subtly suggested that you don’t need to be a in a relationship with God to have personal value. He was suggesting that your value is determined by your own wisdom and ability and that you can be a god yourself.

When Jesus was baptised, His Father told Him that He was His beloved Son. This represents a completely different value system. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, He was invited to display His identity through working a miracle to turn stones into bread.

Jesus rejected this false identity and held fast His identity as the Son of God. His value was determined by His relationship to His Father – the source of all Life.

We may reclaim this identity by accepting Christ as our Saviour and Master. We may know that we are belove children of God not by our own works but by simple faith in the word of God “You are my beloved child in whom I delight.”