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What do you do about the 25th of December?

Posted Dec 30, 2012 by Harmina Tierney in General
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I have recently watched the great message THE BIBLICAL 911 by Nadar Mansour. It was a wonderful message and I would like to share just a small part of this that spoke to me.

Nadar said about it being Tammuz birthday on 25th December and as we all know the truth about Christmas and most of us would not celebrate it although we may take part in it in a small way e.g. family get togethers or in other ways. I do not celebrate it as such but I do go to family get togethers and I do buy some presents; I have allowed some of the worldly traditions to creep back in, not that I celebrate Christ's birth on that day but as we should every day of the year. Nadar's message spoke to me to do something about this and rethink what I should do next year and what I shouldn't do next year.

So I would like to ask you [anyone who would like to share] what they have done about this day and give any ideas as to best go about spending this day and season and being the witness that we should be. Maybe we can all learn something from each other. This is merely a sharing of ideas not a right and a wrong thing.