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02 - Babylon and Israel Power Structures

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Added Mar 20, 2016

Genesis 10:10 indicates that Nimrod established his own kingdom. A kingdom must have policies on a number of key areas. We will list a few here. 1) Governance – Who governs and how 2) Currency – What do we use to trade and exchange goods and services 3) Citizenship – how a person becomes an accepted member of a community. In this chart we contrast a number of features of God’s kingdom represented in the person of Abraham and Satan’s kingdom represented in the person of Nimrod.

God’s government is based on the family system. The head of the government is the Father. The relationship between the leader and its citizens is close and intimate. This principle is developed in the chart The kingdom of God. On the other hand Satan’s kingdom is about being the strongest. Those who are the strongest are those who rule. The religion of Nimrod developed a system of God based around three individuals, Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz their son. These three individuals formed the basis of a Trinity based religion – three powerful individuals in their own right but working together.