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03) Jesus believed in the OT

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Added May 29, 2016

AIM: To show that because Jesus accepts the stories of the Old Testament, we can be confident that they are reliable since Jesus is authenticated by prophecy.

Outline: What was Jesus’ source of Authority? Where did he go to learn the truth? The Old Testament Scriptures. This is a vital principle that needs to be stressed. Start by quoting Luke 16:31 and explain how that “Moses and the Prophets” are essentially the Old Testament. Here Jesus clearly tells us that if we don’t believe the words of the Old Testament then we will be unable to see and accept the truth (See Psalms 11:3). In the section “Jesus Believed In..” Go through as many items listed there as needed to make the point that Jesus took the scriptures literally. He believed in a literal seven day creation, he believed in a literal Satan and a literal flood. Then do the same in the next section with various Bible characters. Jesus saw all these characters as literal. Since Jesus saw them as literal and He is clearly revealed as the promised Messiah, the Son of God, then isn’t this how we should read the Scriptures?