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06 - Attacks the Gospel

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Added Mar 20, 2016

In the chart “Transition from Earthly to Heavenly Ministry” we observed that all the elements of the gospel – LAW, LAMB, PRIEST, SANCTUARY were removed from the earth and are now accessed by faith not by sight. The kingdom system of Nimrod we looked at in “Babylon and Israel Power Structures” requires a worship system that is material, visible because it is not based on relationships but power and achievement. The counterfeit is by sight. By faith the Christian looks to Jesus in heaven who died for us once. By faith we look to our Priest in heaven. By faith we look into the sanctuary in heaven and believe that Jesus will give us the power to keep the law that is contained in the Most Holy Place. All of this is by faith. There are no external elements to the plan of salvation to represent God’s part in that plan. This act of looking alone to Christ signifies that we have forsaken the belief that we or any other man or woman can save us. In the vertical heavenly gaze we are justified by faith. The Christian maintains the vertical look into heaven for salvation. Satan knew that to corrupt this process he must shift the gaze of humanity away from heaven and back to man. Since man is so eager to save himself and naturally resists God’s plan to save him, he easily introduced a system that would please the carnal heart and look similar to the real plan. Over a period of time, the gaze of man was shifted from heaven back to earth. Only by looking to Christ do we have salvation. There is no man, no Pope, no system that can save us outside of the upward gaze by faith into the sanctuary above.