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06) Daniel 2

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Added May 29, 2016

AIM: To show the accuracy of the Bible through prophecy.

To show that Daniel two is the foundational prophecy of prophetic history.

To show that we are living in the time just before the Second Coming of Jesus.

Outline: Daniel 2 tells us the story of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and the amazing way in which Daniel received the dream in contrast to the astrologers. (Daniel 2:1-24). This is an incredible story that highlights God’s knowledge of the future in contrast to the ignorance of the magicians and astrologers.

As we compare history to the story of Daniel 2 we are impressed at how the prophecy has been accurately fulfilled. There is no other book that contains such an amazing prophecy. It spans 2500 years. This prophecy is like driving down a highway with clearly marked signs letting us know how far we are from our desired destination. The rock that comes and smashes the image represents the coming of Jesus. We are living in the time of the toes just before the rock comes, we are therefore living near the end of human history, as we know it. Since everything in the prophecy has been fulfilled except the stone coming we can be sure that the last part of the prophecy will happen because everything else has happened. Daniel 2:45 – “The dream is certain and the interpretation is sure”.