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10 - Attack on the Everlasting Covenant

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Added Mar 20, 2016

The Bible outlines two covenants. The old covenant is based on man’s promise to obey God which is destined to fail. The new or everlasting covenant is God’s promise to save man and man believes that God will do it. The everlasting covenant was made from the foundation of the world when Christ promised to give Himself a ransom for the human race if they should fail.The key is to understand how these two covenants relate to each other and how they work.

Christ is the Way, the Truth and the life on all subjects. No one comes to the Father except through Him and the covenants are based upon the same pattern that we see in the Father and His Son. In the true Father and Son relationship one is source ans the other is channel. In the Trinity model both Father and Son are independent sources. The Old Covenant is designed to lead to death of the Old Man in order tha we may be raised to newness of Life in the New Covenant. We are crucified with Christ in the Old Covenant and raised with Him in newness of Life in the New. The Old is a channel or door to the New. In the Trinity model the Old and the New are separate systems and are not connected at all. In fact they are oppositional.

This chart highlights the effect of the true and the false framework for viewing the covenants. This process takes some time to understand so patience is required.