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Behold He Cometh - F.D Nichol (1938)

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Author's Preface

THE first reason for writing this book is the conviction that not only is the day of the Lord near and hasting greatly, but the end is nearer than most of us realize. This thought is developed in the opening chapters. Too often have we passed by the scriptures that warn of the unexpectedness of the advent, leaving such texts to unbelievers. But the warning is primarily to the church, with all that such a warning implies. The author also believes that in these last days we are confronted with new temptations more subtle than any in past ages. These temptations are discussed in some detail because in being made aware of them we may most surely be placed on our guard. It is no light thing that we should be awaiting the return of our Lord. Too often we affirm our belief in the advent without sensing that it means we are expecting the day soon to come when we shall meet God face to face. What is required of us in order that we may look, unafraid, upon the face of God? The author believes that it requires a certain very clearly defined course of holy living, a complete separation from the world, a growth in grace day by day. Therefore this book not only warns of the unexpectedness of the advent and of the temptations that confront us today, but seeks to offer suggestions on living successfully the Christian life. Throughout our history we have trained ourselves to scan the distant horizon constantly to discern the signs that show the Saviour's coming near. And we should be even more diligent in discerning the signs today. But we need also to be looking within our own hearts to see if we are ready for the great and awful day of the Lord. The author sends this book forth, not with the desire that any one should be less attentive to the conditions about him in the world which fulfill prophecy, but with the hope and prayer that the reader may more fully sense the need of a far-reaching and complete preparation of heart to meet God. "Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of Him in peace, without spot, and blameless."

F. D. N.

Takoma Park, Washington, D.C.,

April 15, 1938.