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A04 My beloved Son

Part of series Agape

Almost all of the Christian world believe that God will personally destroy the wicked; they believe He will throw them away as worthless.

Would you throw away something that you paid billions of dollars to purchase? Would you smash and destroy something that you paid an infinite cost to secure?

To answer this question we must consider the cost of salvation. The cost of our salvation is measured by the love of God for His Son. The love between them and the cost they paid determines the value of what they paid to save us.

When you realise the full cost you will know that God could not throw sinners away but in infinite sorrow and respecting the choice of the wicked let them have their decision to refuse Him.

Behold the love of God and His suffering to save us and realise He would never crush and destroy someone so precious to Himself.

This video is from the book called Agape.


Presented: Sep 11, 2018
Presenter: Gary Hullquist