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A23 Elijah and the Final Frontier

Part of series Agape

We revisit the story of Elijah from earlier in the book. This time with more of the tools we have discovered from our first visit to this most interesting story. The story of Elijah going to heaven in a chariot shortly after calling down fire from heaven on his enemies seems some of the most conclusive proof about God's character revealed as a destroyer.

The words of Jesus to his disciples as written in the Kings James Bible provide a critical clue to show that there is much more for this story.

Take the time to put all the pieces of evidence together as its tempting to jump to a conclusion before gathering all the pieces of the puzzle of this story. If you search for God with all your heart then you will find Him and you will find Him to be just like Jesus His Son revealed Him.


Presented: Apr 10, 2020
Presenter: Adrian Ebens