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Agape Versus Eros - Only Father and Son Reveal Agape

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The Father called His Son - His Beloved or Agape Son. Agape Love is self sacrificing, giving without seeking for any return. The evidence that the Son of God is an Agape Son is found in His inhertiance. As He inherited or received all things this thus proves that Christ is an agape Son. The second person of the Trinity cannot be an Agape Son because He is taught as being equal with the Father by His own power and intellect or simply being the same power and intellect as the Father in one being. As Pope Benedict states

God is the absolute and ultimate source of all being; but this universal principle of creation—the Logos, primordial reason—is at the same time a lover with all the passion of a true love. Eros is thus supremely ennobled, yet at the same time it is so purified as to become one with agape. Pope Benedict IX Encyclical Letter, 2005, Deus Caritas Est “God is Love.”

Agape and Eros are contrasted as Follows

Agape is often contrasted with eros, which is not found in the New Testament though it is prominent in Greek philosophy. Eros can refer to a vulgar, carnal love, but in the context of Hellenic thought it takes the form of spiritual love that aspires to procure the highest good. Eros is the desire to possess and enjoy; [The need or desire for another] agape is the willingness to serve without reservations.... Eros is attracted to that which has the greatest value; [need for equal status or co-equality] agape goes out to the least worthy. Eros discovers value [seeks equal] wheras agape creates value. [makes equal] Agape is a gift love whereas eros is a need love. Eros springs from a deficiency that must be satisfied. Agape is the overflowing abundance of divine grace. (`God the Almighty': Power, Wisdom, Holiness and Love', D. Bloesch, 2006, p. 147.)

Eros springs from a deficiency or need. Whenever you hear a preacher state that in order for love to exist there needs to be more than one being to love - this is speaking of Eros and not Agape.

Presented: Feb 26, 2017
Presenter: Adrian Ebens