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Father and Son

Series: 2

Presentation on the Father and His Son and the errors of the Trinity

Father and Son

Presentations: 8

Cornerstones of Adventism

Presented: Aug 11, 2011 - Dec 11, 2011
Presentations: 4

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These series connects the importance of knowing the true God to the subject of the Sanctuary. It reveals the connecting link between

1. Fear God and give Him glory (True God)
2. The hour of His judgment is come (Sanctuary)

The series begins based around the first vision of Ellen White and the lighted path that goes all the way to the city and opened for God's people the light of the investigative judgment. The second presentation identifies the true God and connects the God who has form to the heavenly Sanctuary that has form and opens the way to the Most Holy Place in 1844. The third presentation reveals the cornerstone of Christ's mediatorial work through His Sonship to the Father as the begotten Son. The forth presentation explores the dimensions of that mediatorial work in light of the call to give glory to God and the standard in the judgment.