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#GOS03 Gospel process, the Covenants and A.T Jones Sermon 14 1893

Part of series 2015 Bible Training - Brisbane

Paul tells us that if we receive any other gospel than what he and the apostles preached let them be accursed. There is great confusion concerning the gospel as there has always been. The gulf between wallowing in the depression of our sinfulness and the simply choosing to ignore our sinful condition through the power of positive thinking is always lurking. This presentation building on the previous #GOS02 pinpoints the critical process of conviction of sin and righteousness. While knowing we are completely unworthy we claim the righteousness of Christ. In the full acceptance of our sinful condition we take the hand of Christ and accept His precious gift of righteousness. Such a simple process yet so completely misunderstand by the majority. This process is clearly outlined in Sermon 14 1893 by A.T Jones. It needs careful study and application. Presented Aug 18, 2015

Presented: Aug 18, 2015
Presenter: Adrian Ebens