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Divine Pattern Collection

Various presentations showing how the Father and Son relationship affects the understanding of different teachings in the Bible

Presenter: Adrian Ebens
Presented: Jan 01, 2014 - Feb 01, 2015
Presentations: 5

The subject of the Covenants is important to understand. What is the relationship between the Old and New Covenant? To what time period do they each apply?

Presented: Mar 11, 2015
Presenter: Adrian Ebens

The cornerstone of all life is found in the Father and Son relationship. It is the fact of everything upon which all things are built

Presented: Oct 24, 2013
Presenter: Adrian Ebens

The Divine Pattern relationship of Father and Son revealed in:
1. Source - Channel - 1 Cor 8:6
2. Invisible and Visible - Col 1:5
3. Magnification and expansion - Heb 1:3
4. Equal through Source - Heb 1:6

instruct us on the relationship between:

Old Testament and New Testament
Law of God and Law of Moses
Weekly Sabbath and Annual Sabbaths
First Tithe and Second Tithe

The relationship of Father and Son define the relationship of all patterns of two. This is the way that Jesus can be the truth in all things. Christ not only speaks the Truth, He is the Truth on all things in relation to His Father.

Presented: Apr 05, 2014
Presenter: Adrian Ebens

Adrian Ebens applies the principles of the Divine Pattern of Source and Channel to the present reality of the Cross of Christ, near and not afar off.

Presented: Apr 13, 2014
Presenter: Adrian Ebens

Father Son, Source, Channel, invisible visible, truth magnification is found throughout scripture and are guiding principles for every aspect of our lives. Adrian Ebens includes new examples of the Father Son principle in the law, the Sabbath, and money.

Presented: May 17, 2014
Presenter: Adrian Ebens