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Immersed in the Father's Love

Posted Jan 20, 2011 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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Dear maranathamedia subscriber

Today is a special day for me, it is my oldest son's birthday. Today he turns 14. This moring I was taking a morning walk and thinking about the last 14 years, the events surrounding his birth and many of the blessings along the way.

Last night and this morning highlight two events that show our Father in heaven is answering my prayer from 14 years ago. Last night my son and I were discussing the chapter from Desire of Ages called "As a Child." This chapter is the basis of an assignment he is doing on the life of Christ. As I was passing his room, he spoke to me about how much he enjoyed the chapter and how much wonderful instruction it contained. He marvelled at the fact that the One who spoke to Moses and instructed him to write down the worship system of Israel was now reading the very words He had given to Moses! I could sense the growing passion in His heart for His Saviour and it was such a joy for me to be able to chat to him about my Saviour, the One most precious to me.

This morning highlighted another event that blessed me. My son made a mistake in relation to his brother; a fault that all brothers wrestle with! As I spoke to him, I could see him wrestling with it in his mind and then he came to me and said "Dad, can you pray for me?" Such sweet music to a Father's heart. He asked me to pray for him to overcome his negative feelings.

So what was the prayer I prayed when my son was born?

It was a pray that has changed my life. Sensing that my son inherited my naturally? rebellious nature, there was a large danger that as he grew he would not wish to be close to me or wish to maintain a close friendship. In my life I had observed many father and son relationships that were distant, cold and at times bitter.

I cried out to our Heavenly Father the following

"I don't want anything to come between my son and I and I just want him to be my friend."

I have prayed that prayer many times, pleading with our Father that my son would come to love Him and His Son as I have, for this is the only way we can stay close to each other, for true fellowship is only found in the Father and His Son. 1 John 1:3

Little did I realise how that cry in my heart would come back to bless me. 4 years later as I was walking on a Sabbath day, I was thinking about the birth of my son then and smiled as I thought of when our eyes first met. What a gift had I been given. At that moment a deep impression came into my mind. "Adrian - do you remember the pray that you prayed?" I did not have to think hard, I has prayed it many times. I repeated the words "I don't want anything to come between my son and I and I just want him to be my friend" and then I heard the words clearly in my mind:

"That is how I feel about you."

I stood there for a moment stunned. I knew that God loved me and sent His Son to die for me, but through the experience with my Son, my heavenly Father just melted my heart. Alas my carnal heart arose to prevent the seed from taking root. All my sins poured in upon me and multiple reasons for why this could not be true. All the instruction I had given to others about accepting the love of God suddenly seemed lost to me. I wrestled for about 5 or 10 minutes and finally it struck what I was doing. Oh Father forgive me for my resistance, I can't resist your love, I accept that you love me like that. I floated for weeks at the thought of it. My Father loves me and does not want anything to come between Himself and myself. He has made that possible through His Son Jesus and I know I will be with Him forever.

Even now I tingle as I remember that moment inspired by the birth of my son - Michael. That single event revealing to me the Father's feelings towards me was the genesis of the Identity Wars Series. The love that was revealed to me I tried my best to pour into that book and later DVD series.

I have been so blessed through this material, just to know of a certainty that the Father loves me and that I am truly accepted through His Son. I can't describe it to you fully but I invite you to read the book and watch the DVD series.

Just the other day I received an email from someone who was listening to the audio version of the book. I want to share with you what he wrote:

The Identity Wars audio book has broken me like a fragile twig...I weep listening and learning being tuned into the parallel but opposite kingdoms and how since The Fall through recorded Biblical history, these two kingdoms have co-existed. ?The focus on the intimacy of the life-line between God our Father and ourselves through Jesus His Son is so heart melting,,,,I cannot express the impact in human language. ?Thanks be to God our Father for revealing to you this focus and emphasis. ?Since finding the seeking Savior some 40 yrs ago as a teenage student in University this series of messages has fueled a burning desire to know and share the unspeakable riches of Christ like none other I have heard! ?Knowing the infinite value of Sonship!!! Oh my is too wonderful....the identity of sonship!!

It has been such a joy to share the experience I have found with others. I now want to share it you. I invite you to read the book and watch the videos or listen to the audio that came out of my hearts prayer to always remain close to my son.

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?Said the angel, "Think ye that the Father yielded up His dearly beloved Son without a struggle? No, no." It was even a struggle with the God of heaven, whether to let guilty man perish, or to give His darling Son to die for them.? EW 127 (1882)