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27 - Christ Our Life

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Added Mar 19, 2016

After relating the amazing humility of Jesus on the chart He Humbled Himself, look through the top part of this chart explaining the significance of His death, burial and resurrection. We are reconciled by His death; Christ took our sins with Him to the grave and came forth in newness of life. His resurrection secured our present and eternal life. Impress your student with the fact that the resurrection of Jesus is central to the whole plan of salvation. As you share these events, reach for the heart and reveal the awe you feel for Christ that he would suffer these things for us to secure our eternal welfare.


Once you have related the story of Jesus in the top half, show how that we follow Jesus through this process by baptism by immersion. The symbolism of baptism is important to show that we die to this world and its ways, our sins are buried with Him and we are then raised to live by the power of His life. It is no longer us that live but Jesus that lives in us. Take your student to the texts that reveal that baptism is the sign given to show our public acceptance of Jesus. Many people feel afraid to be baptised in front of others, but if we deny Jesus before men then he will be forced to deny us. If Jesus has done so much for us is it too much to ask to do this for Him?