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Liberty of Conscience: Sunday Laws vs Polygamy | Danutasn Brown

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How far does liberty of conscience extend? How do we ensure the freedom of the individual but also the order of a society where many hold different ideas?

This was a letter sent to AT Jones and the American Sentinel in 1895. The man asks a good question:

"Society is dependent for its maintenance on the execution of the will of the majority as expressed in laws. When those laws come into serious conflict with the views of certain citizens, as in the case of the Seventh-day Adventists and others, the liberty of conscience cannot rightfully be set up as a justification for breaking the laws...

Take the Mormon doctrine of polygamy as parallel. Many Mormons hold as conscientiously to plural marriages as you do to Saturday rest. But their religious views, however conscientious, cannot be set up as a defense for violating law (just or unjust is not the question at all). For my own part I consider all Sabbath laws (Saturday or Sunday) as infringements of personal liberty and would gladly vote to abolish all such laws; but while they exist they must be respected. To defy them is anarchy."

To make it clear, we believe polygamy is not biblical. The discussion is more about what the government can regulate and why. The Bible is clear: "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they TWO shall be one flesh." - two shall be one, not three or more.

If anybody would like the powerpoint, please ask.Also this was inspired by 1888 Sunday Law Hearings. See this here:

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Presented: Oct 02, 2022
Presenter: Danutasn Brown