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Danutasn Brown at Talking Rock

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Presenter: Danutasn Brown
Presented: May 09, 2021 - Nov 13, 2022
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Presented: May 09, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Danutasn shares about the Son through an interactive game with the congregation. He shares about Jesus' character, his dealings with the disciples, and more. He asks the question: "Why did God create the universe in such a way that all created beings must go through His Son to reach Him?

Expanded out from this booklet:

Presented: Jun 13, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

When humans reject God's way and want their way, what is God to do? Looking at the choosing of Saul as a lesson, leading into Israel's decision after the Red Sea to trust in weapons of war rather than their Heavenly Father.

Further Reading on this principle:

Presented: Jul 05, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Examples of how God brings men into the fullness of faith in the lives of Abraham, Peter, and John the Baptist. Men may think they understand God's will when they don't, which will leave them "perplexed and troubled." But we are not to think that God has forsaken us, but rather observe the lessons of our forefathers and our own experiences to allow God to show us where we may be in error, living through self instead of living through Christ.

More info in these two books - "Faith Journey" -

"Discarding Augustine's Covenant Glasses to Receive the Latter Rain"

Presented: Jul 26, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Christ's rests in His Father, and in like manner we are to rest in Christ. Thus the blessing of rest flows down from God, through His Son, to us. Jesus gives us an example of perfect faith for us to see and believe in, and then we can accept Him to find peace in the family of God.

More info can be found in this booklet:

Presented: Aug 01, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Intro to how to study the Book of Revelation, differences in interpretation, and being respectful to our forefathers and those who hold alternative viewpoints.

Presented: Sep 05, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Danny tries to address the question of why the sanctuary could not be cleansed prior to Oct. 22 1844. Why so long?

Books mentioned: 'Dominion and Destiny' -

'As You Judge' -

Presented: Sep 19, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Danny shows some photos of some of the translation work going on in Thailand, Myanmar (Chin-Mizo and Burmese), Indonesia, Nepal, and Russia. We get to see a glimpse into the life of the translators, especially the Burmese, who are troubled now and need prayer as Civil War descends on their nation.

An article by you Burmese translator who is now a refugee in Delhi, India:

Presented: Sep 29, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Danny talks about John Knox's famous prayer, how Gideon had too many soldiers and the strange dream Gideon's enemies had, and why we need to take our opportunities to pray with a fervent zeal for the salvation of souls and for the progress of truth

Presented: Oct 07, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

These are some of my favorite YouTube History Channels:
Kings and Generals
History Marche
Epic History TV
Sam Aronow
Historia Civilis

Presented: Nov 07, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

The blessings and obstacles of serious Bible Study.

Why does the Bible go over the same topic from so many different angles? Why do we need Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? Why the need for the Acts of the Apostles, and the variety of writers in the Epistles, to share their testimony and how they understand the gospel?

"The Lord gave His word in just the way He wanted it to come. He gave it through different writers, each having his own individuality, though going over the same history. Their testimonies are brought together in one Book, and are like the testimonies in a social meeting. They do not represent things in just the same style. Each has an experience of his own, and this diversity broadens and deepens the knowledge that is brought out to meet the necessities of varied minds. The thoughts expressed have not a set uniformity, as if cast in an iron mold, making the very hearing monotonous. In such uniformity there would be a loss of grace and distinctive beauty....

The Creator of all ideas may impress different minds with the same thought, but each may express it in a different way, yet without contradiction. The fact that this difference exists should not perplex or confuse us. It is seldom that two persons will view and express truth in the very same way. Each dwells on particular points which his constitution and education have fitted him to appreciate. The sunlight falling upon the different objects gives those objects a different hue.

Through the inspiration of His Spirit the Lord gave His apostles truth, to be expressed according to the development of their minds by the Holy Spirit. But the mind is not cramped, as if forced into a certain mold."—Letter 53, 1900. (1SM 21-22)

Presented: Dec 05, 2021
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

How far does liberty of conscience extend? How do we ensure the freedom of the individual but also the order of a society where many hold different ideas?

This was a letter sent to AT Jones and the American Sentinel in 1895. The man asks a good question:

"Society is dependent for its maintenance on the execution of the will of the majority as expressed in laws. When those laws come into serious conflict with the views of certain citizens, as in the case of the Seventh-day Adventists and others, the liberty of conscience cannot rightfully be set up as a justification for breaking the laws...

Take the Mormon doctrine of polygamy as parallel. Many Mormons hold as conscientiously to plural marriages as you do to Saturday rest. But their religious views, however conscientious, cannot be set up as a defense for violating law (just or unjust is not the question at all). For my own part I consider all Sabbath laws (Saturday or Sunday) as infringements of personal liberty and would gladly vote to abolish all such laws; but while they exist they must be respected. To defy them is anarchy."

To make it clear, we believe polygamy is not biblical. The discussion is more about what the government can regulate and why. The Bible is clear: "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they TWO shall be one flesh." - two shall be one, not three or more.

If anybody would like the powerpoint, please ask.Also this was inspired by 1888 Sunday Law Hearings. See this here:

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Presented: Oct 02, 2022
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Full article here with quotes:

"He went a little distance from them—not so far but that they could both see and hear Him—and fell prostrate upon the ground. He felt that by sin He was being separated from His Father. The gulf was so broad, so black, so deep, that His spirit shuddered before it.

...Hitherto He had been as an intercessor for others; now He longed to have an intercessor for Himself.

...Terrible was the temptation to let the human race bear the consequences of its own guilt, while He stood innocent before God. If He could only know that His disciples understood and appreciated this, He would be strengthened."

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Presented: Oct 08, 2022
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Discussing the remarkable spread of Judaism's values, and particularly the Sabbath, on the Gentile world. But with successes came problems with how to relation to the Nation-State-Empire. These lessons can help us at the end of time.

A lot of information was taken from this website:

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Presented: Oct 13, 2022
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

Exciting things happening in Mindanao regarding different ministries working together, especially with the character of God.

Also Brother Gil should be pronounced Brother Hil, because G often sounds like an H in Filipino.

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Presented: Oct 14, 2022
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

So sorry about the powerpoint being offscreen again!!!!! Lord help me it won't happen again.

Here is Vitor's article on the Mennonites and their beliefs in the begotten Son and non-violence:

And I quoted from Adin's Ballou book which can be found here:

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Presented: Oct 16, 2022
Presenter: Danutasn Brown

What is it that we are to take to the world?

Some info that helped with this sermon:

Entries from John Wesley's journal regarding the Moravians:

30min vid on the early life of John Wesley:

Fascinating Godly friendship between Wesley and Whitfield:

Presented: Nov 13, 2022
Presenter: Danutasn Brown