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The Father and His Son



Actually it is well documented.The second Paragraph is quoted from Daniel 7 Everyone recognizes that...
A pity, John - as your observations are correct. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if similar quotation...
Hi Carron, I agree with you entirely re the fact that it was absolutely necessary for Christ to have...
Satan will impersonate Christ right before the second advent. Jesus warned us this deception. This d...
When Christ referred to prophecy of the stone, he did so just after he told of the parable of the Ki...
That is an interesting formulation of The Word of GOD, by Whom all things are formulated by GOD thro...
Hi Kym Jones, I would agree with what you have written. I have read this after posting my response t...
Here is a link to a “.pdf” file on the handwriting notes of the statements that I quoted. http://www...
Hi Kym Jones, yes, when I did refer to your posting, I was referring to Elder Froom, and not to your...
Hi Kym, Sorry if I caused confusion. Those were not quotes. Those were my observations, as this was ...
Good thought Gary - I don't know of any Scripture that asserts such a reciprocal love between the Fa...
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