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The Ever Present Cross

Posted Aug 01, 2016 by A.T. Jones in Everlasting Gospel

Paul preached only “Christ, and him crucified.” This he preached wherever he went. And wherever he went, he preached Christ crucified among the people in that place. That is, when he was in Galatia, he preached not only Christ crucified down in Judea, but also in Galatia. When he was in Corinth, he preached not only Christ crucified away over at Jerusalem, but also Christ crucified there in Corinth.

In other words, Christ crucified at Jerusalem in Judea, was also Christ crucified wherever there is a man on the earth. And the preaching of Christ crucified at Jerusalem in Judea, to be the true preaching of that fact must be also the preaching of Christ crucified wherever the fact is preached. It is simply the preaching of the universal and ever-present Christ the Saviour.

The New Wine from the Kingdom of Heaven

Posted Aug 11, 2016 by Carlos A. Hernández in Everlasting Gospel

I had the opportunity recently to read the booklet Living Bread from Heaven by Adrian Ebens, and found an amazing blessing in understanding for the first time the connection of the blessings represented in the offerings of the sacrificial or ceremonial system and the blessings our heavenly Father bestows to His children through His only begotten Son and His sacrifice; this blessings expand and deepen throughout the year as we partake of our Father’s Holy convocations: daily, Sabbath, monthly, yearly (first and seventh month convocations); and if we follow this cascading Sabbath fountain all through the year, we will be immersing ourselves in the river of life that deepens every 1000 cubits.

The Kingdom Manifested

Posted Jun 22, 2016 by Adrian Ebens in Statutes and Judgements

Two weeks before Pentecost I was walking along the beach and praising our Father for His wonderful creation. I also was thinking about what things needed to be included in our Pentecost event. Suddenly in my mind I imagined the elders rising to honour the grandfathers amongst us and taking the opportunity to thank them for their hard work over the years to provide for their families.  I thought about how much harder things were sixty years ago and how much self-sacrifice was required to raise a family. I wanted to honour these men in our community and thank the Lord for them. How much we need Grandfathers. Their years of life experience should be considered a treasure to the community of faith and drawn out whenever possible.

Take up your Cross

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Adrian Ebens in Everlasting Gospel

Imagine being compelled by a desire to be close to every single person you know. Maybe if you had lots of money and showered people with gifts you could certainly get people’s attention. Yet would they be close to you? Would they not be further away from you because the gifts you give become a replacement for yourself and your friends would desire your gifts more than they would desire you and your company. Such was the experience of the prodigal son when his money ran out.

Satan's Counterfeit Justice

Posted Dec 28, 2015 by Ellen White in Character of God

[Editors note: Satan's counterfeit justice comes by making mercy appear to be inconsistent and therefore oppositional to justice. Using a co-source paradigm, these two attributes are made oppositonal creating a false idea of justice. God is ever merciful and justice is an expression of mercy. It is not one or the other as Satan claims.

Response to Return of Elijah

Posted Jan 03, 2014 by Rebekah Fehr in General

This is not a book review but simply a heartfelt response to Adrian Eben’s book The Return of Elijah. And I will confess that because of the amount of highlighting and underlining done along the journey through this material, The Return of Elijah is currently the most colorful book in my collection.

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