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The Father and His Son



Dear Marc Glad you were blessed by these thoughts. It certainly gives us something to think about. B...
The pioneers taught that the Son of God was begotten in eternity. The Son of God says: "I came forth...
13.12.2014 in The two witnesses
Hi Jonathan,interesting concept which U.Smith has developed there. The text is surely a little compl...
11.12.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Dear Adrian, This is very interesting ! I want to thank you very much for sharing these insights wit...
Blessings John Very interesting point. You are right. It is a singular not a plural and so should be...
Blessings Adrian, Thank you for the insight to these scriptures. It is helpful in clarifying underst...
Dear Torsten,Interesting thoughts. The first half of your posting has given me food for thought.As ...
14.11.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Yes, everything is just ... thank you ...
Greetings Alex, god-like-ness, = to be like god. See Genesis 3:5
Sorry - god-like-ness.
Brother John, could you define other words, the term "year-like-ness." My automatic translator does ...
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