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Thank you both for your responses. I actually have a copy of that 1843 chart that I made using nine ...
22.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Mr. Wright, I thank you. While browsing through the site, I was led to your blog. I had been asking ...
21.08.2014 in Outbursts of Wrath
Hi Morry Nice to hear from you. I have a deep respect for the life and preaching of Robert Wieland. ...
20.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Glad you were blessed also Morry. The date 508AD is also linked to the conversion of the French King...
20.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
I want to thank you John for your article and comments along with Adrian's. I too have searched Past...
20.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Yes, this is how I understand it. The 1290 and 1335 provide a second witness to the 1798 and the tim...
18.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Although being brought up in the church and understanding that starting from 457bc there are clear a...
16.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
What things in particular would you like clarification on the 1290 and 1335? There are several point...
15.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Thanks for your comment Adrian> My head is still swimming in thoughts including views on the 1290 an...
15.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
I appreciate you taking the time to study this question John. It is difficult to wade into all the i...
15.08.2014 in The Daily in Daniel
Thanks Kym. Kol tov,D. Mordecai
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