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What is Love Anyway

Posted Aug 06, 2018 by Adrian Ebens in Character of God

My teenage years blossomed against the backdrop of the digital revolution of the eightes when video killed the radio star. I grew up looking at screens filled with space invaders, pac man and astroids. I was steadily dragged into the vortex of popular culture and one song stands out in my mind. A song that poses a vital question. "What is love anyway, does anybody love anybody anyway?" The song begins with a portrayal of a beautiful type of love that is not troubled by doubts.

Reflections of the book Agape

Posted Apr 16, 2018 by Glenn Coopman in Everlasting Gospel

Having reached the half-way mark of the reading of Adrian Eben’s book, Agape, I feel impressed to add my voice to the others who are giving to it the tick of endorsement. Moreover, this is the second time I am reading the book, the first being via electronic format.

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