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  • My Beloved
  • Personality of God
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  • Return of Elijah
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  • Theos 6
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  • Godhead or Trinity
  • Knocking at the Door
  • Removing the Pillar
  • The Godhead in Black and White
  • The Living Voice of the Lord's Witnesses
  • Putting the Pieces together
  • God's Love on Trial


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The Father and His Son



Hi Pauline, I can truly say that I do understand what you are going through. Although our circumstan...
14.03.2015 in Prayers please
Hello Pauline, I would like to think that of the 231 "hits" on your prayer request that you will hav...
Michael Nickson
08.03.2015 in Prayers please
Hi sister Lorna, I have friends that have been in your situation. Others that won't dear study the ...
I'm very sorry about your situation. You are in my prayers.
08.03.2015 in Prayers please
Greetings Glenn, Indeed, The Father does bear witness: "Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well p...
You state: "That God the Father is the only one who is good, is the testimony of Christ." However, t...
Thank you Joanne for your comments. It is a joy to know that there are those who are being blessed a...
Hello John,Early this Sabbath morning I have reread parts 1 and 2 and just finished reading part 3 o...
Welcome to Maranatha Media sister Lorna. It is great to "see" you again. Terry Hill and his website ...
Praying for you sister Pauline.
06.03.2015 in Prayers please
I have also just prayed for you sister Pauline. Showers of blessing!!!
06.03.2015 in Prayers please
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