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The Love of God - Toward Fallen Man

Posted Dec 17, 2017 by Ellen White in Everlasting Gospel

The love of God toward fallen man is incomprehensible. The apostle cannot find words to describe it, but he calls upon the world to "behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God." The love of the infinite God for his rebellious children is the most wonderful thing that the universe knows, and it will be constantly unfolding throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. 

The Atonement Ark of Safety

Posted Feb 08, 2018 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters

The Atonement Ark of Safety

Dear Maranatha Media Subscriber

Over the past few months we have been studying and discussing the subject of the atonement in the context of the character of God, the sacrificial system and the actual penalty of sin. This study process culminated in the two presentations called:

As in the Days of Noah
The Atonement, The Identity of the Son and the Character of God

With a deep sense of wonder and joy we discovered that the gopher wood that the ark was made from is the Hebrew root word for the word brimstone in Isa 30:33.

Isa 30:33 …the breath of the LORD, like a stream of <

The Dominion of the Earth

Posted Mar 25, 2017 by Adrian Ebens in Character of God

Gen 1:26 tells us that man was given dominion over the earth. Man is made of the dust of the earth. What is the relationship between man and the earth. God has established eternal laws in nature and when man rebels against God, nature will reflect this rebellion towards man in the same manner. This has implications for the destruction in the flood and the fire that comes at the end of time.

Revelation of the Father's Love - Newsletter

Posted Dec 20, 2017 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters

The year 2017 is drawing to a close. We thank the Lord for the wonderful things He has shown us and done for us over this year. Our Last News Letter was sent in May this year. Since that time we have been travelling and preaching in several countries sharing the message of the Father and Son and their character of Love and the times they especially desire to meet with us. 

The scapegoat and our Father’s merciful character

Posted Oct 25, 2017 by Deyan Delchev in Character of God

The goats identify their characters with that of Satan and therefore they share his fate. In this fire they all suffer according to the measure of their experience of God’s merciful character. This is why many will die quickly and other will suffer much more. When all of them have died, then the physical fire, which is the outer expression of the spiritual fire, will cleanse the earth. This is what we learn from the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was tormented physically but He died because of what sin does to everyone by hiding the Fathers merciful face. So in the day when the antitypical scapegoat with all his followers are sent in the wilderness to bear their iniquities, then it will be clear for EVERYONE that God’s judgments are righteous and do not require arbitrary intervention which is contrary to the law that governs the universe. God destroys no man but every man that is destroyed will have done so through his own actions. When those actions are revealed in the light of God’s merciful character the guilt of their selfishness will crush out their life.

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