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The Father and His Son



Article from Spectrum magazine detailing "Sunday" service in the SDA church:http://spectrummagazine....
I have a few more thoughts to add regarding the identity of the Holy Spirit. Most of these thoughts ...
НОВЫЙ ПЕРЕВОД: ЕВАНГЕЛИЕ В ВЕЛИКОМ ПОСЛАНИИ ПАВЛА Данный комментарий на послание Римлянам представля...
Thanks for the correction, Glenn.
The trinity doctrine was voted in at the 1980 Dallas GC session.
Hello Joanne and Frank: Thanks for your comments. I found it good Joanne that God made His identity ...
I agree with Sister Joanne, it is a blessing to see you again Brother Russell. I appreciate what you...
Thank you Russell, It's good to see your byline again after a long absence--or have I missed somethi...
God does not send messengers to flatter the sinner. He delivers no message of peace to lull the unsa...
The March meetings in Grand Forks, BC Canada are geared to the participants sharing their testimoni...
Hi Sean, Your comment, i fully suspect, would represent practically everyone who desires to become ...
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