Family and Community

Structuring our families, communties and churches for maxmim blessing and prosperity. Download the book Life Matters for an expanded presentation of this theme

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51You Shall Be a Blessing PrayerAdrian EbensMar 12, 20106883
52God’s Blessing Through Human Family ChannelAdrian EbensFeb 08, 20107042
53Prayer for Those in AuthorityAdrian EbensFeb 07, 20105403
54A Family PrayerAdrian EbensFeb 06, 20102583
55My Sweet MotherAdrian EbensJan 29, 20105769
56Gratitude for my FatherAdrian EbensJan 26, 20105850
57Abraham's Blessing System EmergesAdrian EbensJan 14, 20102119
58Blessing My FamilyAdrian EbensJan 13, 20102597