Presentations by Recommended Order

101The Sabbath Blessing More FullySabbath and the FeastsAdrian EbensOct 03, 2015
102Land of Milk and Honey - Christ the Sabbath FountainSabbath and the FeastsAdrian EbensMar 12, 2016
103Expressions of Love, Honour and BlessingSabbath and the FeastsAdrian EbensJun 11, 2016
104God's Calendar and the Midnight CryGod's CalendarAdrian EbensMar 12, 2016
105Midnight Cry Calendar For Sabbath Sealing OilGod's CalendarAdrian EbensMar 30, 2016
106What is the Gospel?Gospel ProcessAdrian EbensAug 10, 2015
107What is the Cross and the Gospel ProcessGospel ProcessAdrian EbensAug 11, 2015
108Gospel Process, Covenants and 1888Gospel ProcessAdrian EbensJul 15, 2015
109Gospel Process, the Covenants, the gospel and Law in GalatiansGospel ProcessAdrian EbensAug 19, 2015
110Covenants in the Life of AbrahamGospel ProcessAdrian EbensAug 29, 2015
111Midnight Cry Mechanics - The Tamid Intersection with the CovenantsGospel Anchor SeriesAdrian EbensJul 01, 2015
112The Everlasting Gospel, Forgiveness, Mechizedek and the Daily in 1888 FocusGospel Anchor SeriesAdrian EbensJul 08, 2015
113The Present Cross and the Core Conflict in 1888Gospel Anchor SeriesAdrian EbensJul 15, 2015
114Waggoner, 1888, The Covenants and a Prophets EndorsementGospel Anchor SeriesAdrian EbensJul 22, 2015
11506 The Three Angels Messages in the Chart Folder2017 Bible Training - Talking Rock USAAdrian EbensJun 07, 2017
116The Penalty of Sin - God is not the Author of DeathAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensMar 11, 2017
117Critical Covenant Context in the 1888 MessageAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensMar 24, 2017
118The Cross - Sons or Illegitimate childrenFather and SonAdrian EbensOct 27, 2017
119The Atonement, The Demands of the Law and Divine RetributionAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensNov 10, 2017
120Sacrificial System, Daily and Transgression of DesolationAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensNov 15, 2017
121The Relational Nature of the AtonementAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensDec 20, 2017
122As It was in the days of NoahAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensJan 12, 2018
123The Atonement, The Identity of the Son and the Character of GodAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensJan 26, 2018
124The Atonement and the Demands of JusticeAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensFeb 10, 2018
125The Atonement and the Ministry of ReconciliationAtonement SeriesAdrian EbensFeb 24, 2018