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Do movies and music bring evil spirits with them Newsletter

Posted Jul 28, 2013 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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Feature Article - Do movies and music bring evil spirits with them?

Recently I was asked to explain more about the effect that the actions of heads of families have on dependents. I have spoken of these things in this series of presentations.

Let me give you a very direct example of the affect on dependents. A friend suggested to us a movie to watch because it detailed the challenges of a family that had an autistic child. Our Doctor also suggested it would be good to see because it reflected some of the things our family have been dealing with. I was asked a few times had I watched it and finally I found a few sections of it on youtube. I watched it alone but my wife saw a few minutes of it. Neither of my children saw it or were aware I had seen it. I became very uncomfortable from the very beginning but I delayed turning it off. Some of the negative behaviours of the character playing the autistic boy started appearing in our son in the next few days. Not major things, but changes. My wife and I knelt together and I asked forgiveness for allowing this influence in our home. Many people think this completely foolish and completely unrelated but we have seen this many times. [Read More...]

Divine Pattern – Sun and Moon, Sabbath and the Law

There are times in life when you become aware that you are operating on a pattern or principles that through exposure and repetition becomes sub conscious. When I was visiting the United States a few years ago, I discovered this when walking down a sidewalk. As I was walking a person was coming in the opposite direction, I moved to the left and he moved to the right and when you are coming from opposite directions this means we both moved into each other. I had this happen several times. The pattern that has been developed in my mind of how traffic moves out of someone’s way is to move to the left. This is because all my life I have been exposed to a traffic system that moves on the left and allows traffic to pass on your right. In the United States, a person is conditioned to move to the right and allow traffic coming the other way to pass on the left. The more driving a person does the more this pattern becomes embedded in the thinking. These patterns become part of us and the repetition of the principle many times can make it something automatic. [Read More...]

My Testimony - by Morry Stokes

May the words of this testimony bring souls to Christ

Ever since I can remember I have known of and believed in God and Jesus. Thanks to my Aunty and Grandmother (my mothers sister and mother) I grew up with a background knowledge of SDA beliefs (7th day Sabbath, mortal soul etc.). My mother and father divorced when I was very young so the first ten years of my life was spent with my mother and then with my father until my fifteenth year, after which I went back to my mother so I didn't have a good idea of what it was to have a father figure to look up to. My father was a heavy drinker, for which he now suffers with dementia and my mother was a heavy smoker which eventually killed her just after my eighteenth birthday, needless to say after this I became both. [Read More...]

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