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President Wilson resists back door effort by feminist agenda

Posted Oct 26, 2011 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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A request to allow commissioned ministers in the North American and Trans-European divisions?those who have not been formally ordained as Seventh-day Adventist pastors?to serve as conference presidents sparked more than six hours of debate, during the world church's Annual Council. 

The driving concern for many can be summed up by the words of one delegate to this debate

"My deepest concern is with the many, many young people in Europe who grow up in an egalitarian society?of which many of you here have no idea what it is like?where they are taught from their first hours that men and women are equal; it is very hard for them. We are losing many young people who feel that this is a matter of justice."

This educational process has not only been conducted on the young people of Europe but on most population groups that come under the influence of western civilisation. (See Life Matters Chapter 24 for more on this.) What is the underlying assumption of this educational process?

Men and Women are equal by their intellect, talent, power and position

What very few people understand is that when people are considered equal in this way, the differences between them starts to become blurred, confused, blended until we develop a unisex mentality that has effectually eroded the headship/submission structure of the home. This driving definition of equality by power, knowledge and ability was enshrined into Adventist thinking with the release of the 1980 fundamental number 14.

The church is one body with many members, called from every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. In Christ we are a new creation; distinctions of race, culture, learning, and nationality, and differences between high and low, rich and poor, male and female, must not be divisive among us. We are all equal in Christ, who by one Spirit has bonded us into one fellowship with Him and with one another; we are to serve and be served without partiality or reservation. Through the revelation of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures we share the same faith and hope, and reach out in one witness to all. This unity has its source in the oneness of the triune God, who has adopted us as His children.

This statement all depends on how you define equality. It is absolutely true and correct that there should be no partiality or preference given to one over the over based on race, culture, learning, nationality, rich or poor male and female. Yet this truth is laid upon a foundation that that will actually do the opposite of what it seeks to achieve. Notice carefully the definition of equality provided in this statement

This unity has its source in the oneness of the triune God

The equality of this triune god is described in fundamental number 2

?a unity of three co-eternal Persons. God is immortal, all-powerful, all-knowing, above all, and ever present.

The equality of this god is based on the inherent possession of life, power, knowledge and presence. Because these three persons possess these qualities they are therefore equal. (See Return of Elijah Chapter 21) Note carefully that what distinguishes them from all creation is their power, ability and knowledge. As you worship this god you are worshipping a something that discriminates based on many of the things we are told not to discriminate on amongst ourselves as human beings. Yet if the god you worship is elevated based upon knowledge, power and ability then we cannot but help to start discriminating along these very things; we are placed on a foundation that causes us to do the very things we wish not to do.

Note carefully the feminist agenda which uses an argument against discrimination in order to discriminate. This is Satan's method of operation even as it will be with the Sunday Law. A call for rest and freedom that will bring havoc and tryanny.

In the revelation of the begotten Son, we behold a being that was made equal through His inheritance. Since He has inherited all things (meaning He does have all power, all knowledge and all ability), He does not look to these things as the basis of equality for He knows they were all sourced from the Father. His equality then is based purely in the relationship He sustains to the Father.

As we behold the headship of the Father and the submission of the Son yet made equal by the Father?s good pleasure, we are transformed into this same image in our marriages (Husband/Wife), in our churches (Elders/Congregation) and our communities (Governor/Citizens). In Worshipping Father and Son we can be transformed into an image that finds equality WHILE MAINTAINING distinction and that distinction (Headship/Submission) is the great protector of individual identity. It also allows our civilisation to live in harmony without the driving desire to ascend above the heights of the clouds.(For more on this see my series The Divine Pattern)

Even though we have written into our fundamentals a form of equality that demands of us the need to place women in positions of Conference, Union and even General Conference Presidency; the General Conference President stood down from his position as chairman to plead with the church that this was not best for the church to move in this direction.

Even though the logic of our fundamentals demand that we place women in all the same offices as men in order that there be no distinction between men and women, the president stood up and opposed this move. Why? Was it the merciful hand of our Heavenly Father that bears long with His erring people? I thank our Heavenly Father for the courage of President Wilson for take this stand. Do we see in this stepping down from the chair an echo of our Saviour who stood down from His chair in order to save us.

Brethren our president will need our prayers, for the forces that are determined to eliminate all distinctions based upon the definition of a triune god will stop at nothing to get this agenda rammed through our legislative assemblies. If these measures come through, the remaining layers of protection granted us will be fully stripped away. (See Divine Pattern: Protection)

Satan is always cunning. He presents to us sentiments that appear right. It seems right to give to women the exact same positions as men. It feels wrong to deny them these positions. Why? Because we want them to have the satisfaction of holding the same power, the same positions as men. This then allows for the secret desire to discriminate against others through the inward thoughts that I have ascended above the position of my brethren; I as a woman now hold the office of president! An argument against discrimination in order to discriminate and pay homage to a god that discriminates based on power, knowledge and ability.

May our Father deliver us from this mind enslaving tyranny and give us His precious Son; A Son who finds His equality through His relationship to the Father and based on His Word alone.

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