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Seven Trumpets, King of the North and the Eastern Question

Posted Nov 30, 2015 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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Seven Trumpets, King of the North and the Eastern Question

There is a lot of rapid movement today with the events in Paris and the downing of the Russian Jet by Turkey. With all these things taking place, I am inviting you to read a chapter from the book The Great Nations of Today by A.T. Jones that I believe offers a Biblical context for the current climate. It speaks to the Adventist pioneer understanding of Daniel 11 and offers a very comprehensive understanding of Daniel 11 in relation to the Seven Trumpets. This knowledge is not well known to many Adventists today but I believe it is worth revisiting and meditiating and praying about. Here is the article: Seven Trumpets, King of the North and the Eastern Question

David Gates Speaks about Identity Wars

I had the opportunity to have Pr David Gates speak in one the churches I was pastoring in 2006. He became aware of our Maranatha Media website and found the book Identity Wars which he downloaded and shared with his family. I had the chance to meet Pr Gates in Brisbane two weeks ago and had the opporunity to meet him again. He greeted me warmly and gave me a brotherly hug. I appreciated greatly his energetic spirit and his love for the truth. The messages he shared were encouraging and a blessing. He reaffirmed his support for the identity Wars booklet and was happy to share this material where ever it could be a blessing. Here is a recording of his summary of the book Identity Wars from 2007. David Gates Speaks about Identity Wars

The book is now available in 11 Languages and there is also an English audio version to download. You can download the book, audio and video series here 

Take up Your Cross

Imagine being compelled by a desire to be close to every single person you know. Maybe if you had lots of money and showered people with gifts you could certainly get people’s attention. Yet would they be close to you? Would they not be further away from you because the gifts you give become a replacement for yourself and your friends would desire your gifts more than they would desire you and your company. Such was the experience of the prodigal son when his money ran out. [Read More]

The Ceremonial Dividing Line

Can you imagine James White defending the eating of Pork in the Review and Herald in 1850? As amazing as that sounds, it is true. Find out more about why this was and how that changed for the Advent Movement. Special thanks to Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel for formatting and printing this booklet.

Bible Study Lectures

Here are the Bible Study Lectures from our Recent Bible Training Program held in Brisbane from August to October this year

1. The Character of God
2. The Gospel Process
3. Framework, Patterns and Models
4. The Channel of Blessing
5. The Remnant
6. God's Last Message of Love

Please contact us if you would like DVD's of this series sent to you.

Book Translation Work
We are very Happy to announce the release of Life Matters in German. This project has been quite some time in the making and we are thankful to Jutta Deichsel and Susanna Kronke and others from for putting this together. You can get a hardcopy of this book by contacting Jutta at or you can download the PDF here. Soon we will also have My Beloved completed in German and we also have many charts being translated by our friends in Germany.

The Russian version of Identity Wars has been corrected and now the PDF is ready thanks to Alex Ge in Russia. We soon hope to have My beloved and Life Matters available in Russian. So please pray for this project. Life Matters will also soon be ready in Serbian thanks to Natasa Sovs from Please pray for these projects. 

The booklet Divine Pattern of Life is almost completed in French from our friends Marc and Elisabeth Fury from They have also translated identity Wars and Return of Elijah into French for which we are very thankful.

We had 2000 copies of Divine Pattern of Life printed in Hindi in Northern India. These books have been very popular and have run out very quickly. Printing is quite inexpensive in India. If you would like to help us keep printing, then we welcome your donation. You can donate via Paypal on and

Thank you

We thank those who support us in our ministry at Maranatha Media. Please pray that our Father will guide us and lead us in the path that pleases him and continues the work of the Third Angels message. If you would like to support our ministry you can do so through Paypal on and



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“Said the angel, "Think ye that the Father yielded up His dearly beloved Son without a struggle? No, no." It was even a struggle with the God of heaven, whether to let guilty man perish, or to give His darling Son to die for them.” EW 127 (1882)