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The Return of Elijah - Some Comments

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elijahHello Brother Adrian:I am up to page 168 of your manuscript: "The Return of Elijah." I just thanked our Father in heaven again for giving you such clear insight and for publishing the spiritualising that took place of our doctrines leading to all manner of spiritual confusion and heresies. This explanation of the spirtualising of our doctrines and its baleful effects as outlined in your manuscript should be understood by all Seventh Day Adventists.

May our Father in heaven give us ears to hear the things that are for our salvation! Among other purposes, the Lord has clearly given this manuscript as a beacon of warning and a means of education against these things. This manuscript contains present truth for every Adventist!

Also, it is a continual astonishment to me how ignorant we are as fallen human beings and yet we are accepted of God, recreated in His image, and adopted into His heavenly family! This is certainly proof to me that “God is love” and that such love does not come to us from Him because of any knowledge or talent(s) we have (or think we might have) on our part. Perhaps this line of thought is too simple, yet to me it is both profound and comforting at the same time. Comforting because our standing (or worth) as adults in this current world is often measured by our supposed knowledge, talents, skills, looks, athletic ability, etc.; but not so with God. Why do parents love their children? It cannot be because children are knowledgeable, skilled, or of practical use as we often think of our value as adults. Babies are totally dependent, helpless, and in need of constant attention. They need their diapers changed, to be fed, kept clean, and nurtured constantly.  No, parents love their children because of the love that God puts in their hearts for them. This also tells me that God does not love us for our talents, skills, abilities, or outward appearance because whatever we have of these things come from Him. Good to read an in depth understanding of this truth in your manuscript!