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The Son of God is Righteousness by Faith in Action

Posted Jun 20, 2013 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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Thought it Not Robbery

It has been a few months since our last newsletter. We recently relocated our home about 1900 kms from where we were, so it was quite involved. In that time I have had time to reflect on things I have written over the past number of years. If there was one article that I would like to share first with you, it would be Thought it Not Robbery. This article reveals why believing in the Begotten Son of God is at the heart of Righteousness by Faith which is at the heart of the third angels message which is the core mission of the Adventist Church. I hope you can take the time to read it. It is my personal appeal to all my brethren to consider the Begotten Son and see what precious light falls from His person. Read in German

Amicalola Falls 2013 Camp Meeting.

The reports from this years camp meeting in Georgia are filled with blessing. Presentations are currently being streamed from Although I was not personally able to be present, my wife Lorelle and son Michael were able to attend. Lorelle shared three presentations called 1) Inherited Gratitude. 2) Inherited Privilege. 3) Inherited Repentance. There were several presentations presenting the righteousness of Christ as our surety which was a real blessing. Nader Mansour presented some pioneer teaching on the 144000 that was new for many. I would encourage all to listen to his presentation on Deliverance. The presentations will soon be available for download. Jonathan Otto put a nice summary video clip that captures the joy people felt in coming to the meetings. Thanks Jonathan for putting this together.

Finding Joy in the Beloved Son of God

As each day passes, I am hearing from more and more people of the joy they are finding in the Begotten Son of God. When the scales fall from your eyes and you begin to see how precious is the knowledge of the Son of God, it becomes like a fire in the soul that cannot be hidden. For many people when they first hear about Jesus actually being the Son of God, the issues do not stand out in their clearness. Many wonder "what all the fuss is about" but unto them that believe, He is precious. 1 Peter 2:7.  To all my dear Adventist friends who have not investigated this issue, we would plead with you to make your calling and election sure, answer the question that Jesus puts to all of us "Whom do you say that I am?" Matt 16:15. Here are some resources to get you started.

The Godhead in Black and White by Nader Mansour
My Beloved by Adrian Ebens
Theos Parts 1-5 by Gary Hullquist

Are you a mature member of the Adventist Church? Are you convicted that Jesus is the Begotten Son of God? Have you prayerfully approached your elders and pastor to give them the opportunity to consider this critical truth? I am fully aware of the pressure to be quiet and not risk being removed from the church, but was not our Saviour wounded and crucified for us? Did He not give everything for us. Our Father wants church elders and pastors to have this truth presented to them in a spirit of grace. I appeal to you to share your convictions in a gentle and meek spirit and leave the results to the Lord.

Peter’s Ladder, Agape and the Seven Churches

What does Peter's Ladder and the Seven Churches have in common. They both reveal a moving towards Agape love. God is Agape and therefore these sequences reveal a coming into the presence of God. I hope you find this study thought provoking.


Are you excited about the message of the Begotten Son? Would you like some books and DVD's to share with your family and friends? If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. We can mail you some of our books and DVD's. If you live in Germany, the Netherlands or South Africa we can send you copies of the book Identity Wars in English. If you live else where we will see what we can do. Of course you can download books, read articles and watch videos on the website. Please do not hesitate to email us via the contact page if you would like something.

Finally Brethren!

Finally, I would like to share some thoughts that have been on my mind lately.

As we see souls out of Christ, we are to put ourselves in their place, and in their behalf feel repentance before God, resting not until we bring them to repentance. If we do everything we can for them, and yet they do not repent, the sin lies at their door; but we are still to feel sorrow of heart because of their condition, showing them how to repent, and trying to lead them step by step to Jesus Christ (MS 92, 1901).  {7BC 960.2} 

Should we not feel repetance for our brethren that have rejected the begotten Son of God? Do we feel sorrow for our church that has trampled the Begotten Son in the dust? And when thinking of this, I am reminded also of this quote

“The books of heaven record the sins that would have been committed had there been opportunity.” 5BC 1085

If we look at our brethren and leaders that have rejected the Begotten Son of God, would we do any different if we had been in their experience. Many do not appeciate the pressures of leadership and the costs involved in becoming a leader in the church. If we were in their shoes would we have done any differently and if we answer "we would," to whom does the credit belong? Is it not Christ alone. If we can hold these thoughts in our hearts then we can feel humilty, sorrow and repentance on behalf of our brethren and repetance will lead to true revival.

Your brother in Christ
Adrian Ebens

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My Beloved- my journey in finding the Begotten Son.

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