Why does my heart rejoice?

Posted Oct 04, 2013 by Alex Ge in General Hits: 1,856

Some here on Maranathamedia, know little about the ministry of Pastor Jim Staley of St. Louis - serving "Passion for the truth." Yes, Frank? Here in Russia we have the blessing of the first to see many of the materials in Russian , with free of charge. This was made possible thanks to the miraculous vocation sister Natalie Gray , who works 14 hours every day, to the knowledge of the Father and of the Son spread among 300 million Russian-speaking people on the planet. Yes, they are not directly related to the Adventists , rather - it is the root of David , our Jewish roots that have been plucked out of the church of Caesarea at the end of the 2nd century .

Ministry " Passion for Truth" rejects the Trinity . Jim himself explicitly states that Abba said in his heart. My wife and my nephew Michael, who shares our belief for a year now look at all the new doctrine, translated into Russian. We are always glad when we see Jim . Rate our joy . Do you know everything about the earthly sanctuary ? Do you know how it is connected with the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

This is the teaching of Jim Staley called " The final restoration : restoration of the temple of the Holy Spirit." Remarkably, this video appeared in Russian 13 September 2013 . What was that day? It was the eve of Yom Kippur - the Day of Atonement .

I'm intrigued you ? Let's talk if you do not mind.

Here is the link for those who speak in Russian .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wls7XJX5-uA&feature=share

Find yourself in English , I still could not. Try here or order for the money. Служение "Страсть к Истине" http://www.passionfortruth.com 


I think it's time to establish direct contact with Jim Staley and his team.


Yes, for those who are worried about the state of my wife and Lilies . All is well . Lily blooms and I'll be happy to show her blue eyes to share my joy . Thank you, Abba, thank you Savior !