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Living Bread From Heaven

Posted Jul 24, 2016 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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- Living Bread from Heaven
- Nuremburg Report
- German God's Last Message of Love
-Theos Video Series

I am writing to you from a place just north of Berlin in Germany. It is called Pearleberg and over the next seven weeks we will be studying the pearl of great price. It is interesting to note that this town just celebrated 777 years since it was founded.

Over the next seven weeks we will be studying in depth the material from Identity WarsLife Matters and Divine Pattern as related to the three angels messages. These meetings will be recorded and in time will be available through

Last week the booklet - Living Bread from Heaven was released. I am excited to introduce this book to you for a fresh insight into the relevance of LivingBread-tmb.jpgthe weights of flour and oil connected the various animal sacrifices. If all these sacrifices only pointed to one event why were there different weights and measures connected to each type of sacrifice?

Jesus is the bread of life. The flour and oil mixed with each sacrifice reflects the nourishment we receive from Christ. What most interesting is the doubling of the lambs and mix of flour and oil on the Sabbath. Why was it doubled on the Sabbath? Does this suggest that more bread was available on the Sabbath than the other six days. What is even more interesting is that the quantities of bread went up by four times again on the new moon and this continues to expand in the feasts as well. What are the lessons for us today in all these things? The sacrificial system instituted in Eden was connected to the new covenant. As Ellen White states:

"...and now, seeing their sinfulness and their need of pardon, they were brought to feel their need of the Saviour revealed in the Abrahamic covenant and shadowed forth in the sacrificial offerings." PP 372

There is much for us to learn in these offerings to teach us about the gospel. Let us be like the Bereans and study this question out carefully for light and truth.

Nuremburg Report

On July 15 and 16 we ran some meetings in the area of Nuremburg Germany. We also had time to visit the famous townhall building that features the four beasts of Daniel 7. Sadly as we listened to one of the tour guides speaking in English talk about the statutes they had no knowledge of any connection to Daniel 7. How easy it is to take these things for granted. We are treasure we have in the books of Daniel.

numremburg1 - web.jpg

At the Nuremburg meetings we had the opportunity to present a summary of the of key messages from Identity Wars, Divine Pattern and Life Matters. Click Here to get a full summary of the meetings and their relation to the Third Angel's Message

God's Last Message of Love - German

Part of our Training Program in Germany will feature the God's Last Message of Love Chart folder. Through much effort by our German team, the entire God's Last Message of Love German resource is now available. This resource features over 60 charts with which the Third Angels message can be shared with Bible students. We invite all our German speaking brethren or those who have connections to German friends to download and share these resources.

Theos Video Series

The popular Theos series is now complete. The final presentation covers the change from the truth about God in early Adventism to the the new Trinity view. See Presentation 12 - From True to New

See the whole series here


These videos are great to introduce people to the truth of the Father and Son and what changes have taken place in Christian History and the Adventist Church

Thank you

We say thank you for all our supporters in various parts of the world that help us get the joyous news of the Third's Angel's message out to the world. We ask for your prayers as we continue to advance the light of truth. We are very excited about the things we are learning and pray that you also will be blessed on this journey into a deeper knowledge of the Father and the Son.


July 25-Sept 11 - Bible Training Program - Pearleberg, Germany
Sept 15-18 - Camp Meeting in Southern France
Sept 24 Meetings in Mornex, France.
Oct 1 - 5 Meetings in Zrenjanin, Serbia
Oct 7-10 Meetings in Romania
Oct 17-24 Tabernacles in Germany 
Oct 28-30 Talking Rock Georgia, USA
Nov 4-6 Meetings in Ocala, Florida, USA
Nov 11-13 Meetings in Wisconsin,  USA

Adrian Ebens
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