Adrian Ebens

Author/Speaker for Maranatha Media. 

A Beloved Son of the Father through Christ. Husband to Lorelle and father of Michael and Daniel 

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#TitleSeries▲ Presented
1Divine Pattern FoundationsDivine Pattern Book Series
2Peter's Ladder and the First AngelThree Angels Messages
31. Identity LostSearch for Home 2009
4Divine Pattern BasicsPower of Submission
5The Whole GospelCore Adventism
6Law and Abrahamic CovenantDivine Pattern Book Series
7Mary Magdalene and the Second AngelThree Angels Messages
82. The Rise and Development of TyrannySearch for Home 2009
9The BlessingPower of Submission
10Born AgainCore Adventism
11The Threefold CordDivine Pattern Book Series
12The Third Angel's Message and the Character of GodThree Angels Messages
133. Identity ReclaimedSearch for Home 2009
14The Power of SubmissionPower of Submission
15God's Love in the Flames of HellCore Adventism
16Ham and the Rise of WorthlessnessIdentity Wars Revival - 2006
17Blessings and CursingsDivine Pattern Book Series
184. The Channel of BlessingSearch for Home 2009
19Good News of Being InvestigatedCore Adventism
20Abraham Versus NimrodIdentity Wars Revival - 2006
21Responding to Failed LeadershipDivine Pattern Book Series
225. Protecting the BlessingSearch for Home 2009
23Lessons from AbigailPower of Submission
24Wrestling with the Second AngelCore Adventism
25Identity DefinedIdentity Wars Revival - 2006
26Identitfying the ChurchDivine Pattern Book Series
27The Witness of David to SubmissivenessPower of Submission
28Inroads of SpiritualismCore Adventism
29Visible and InvisibleIdentity Wars Revival - 2006
30Resting in the ChannelDivine Pattern Book Series
31Mantle for ConfrontationDivine Pattern Book Series
32Doctrinal Implications of the Two KingdomsIdentity Wars Revival - 2006
33Amazing LoveIdentity Wars Revival - 2006
34Hannah's Sterling ExampleDivine Pattern Book Series
35Abigail's Sweet Fragrance of SubmissionDivine Pattern Book Series
36Man After God's Own HeartDivine Pattern Book Series
37Denominational RepentanceLaodicean MessageJun 01, 1984
38We Acknowledge O LordEbens Scripture SongsJun 07, 1992
39The Duracell TreeIdentity Wars Original 2001Sep 29, 2001
40The Key the Locksmith could not copyIdentity Wars Original 2001Sep 29, 2001
41Coming out of BabylonIdentity Wars Original 2001Sep 30, 2001
42Identity LostIdentity Wars Revival - 2006Apr 28, 2006
43Identity ReclaimedIdentity Wars Revival - 2006Apr 29, 2006
44Glory of ChildrenIdentity Wars Revival - 2006Apr 29, 2006
45The Wisdom of GodFountain SeriesOct 08, 2008
46Fountain of LifeFountain SeriesFeb 01, 2009
47The Law of the WiseFountain SeriesMay 24, 2010
48Living BreadFountain SeriesMay 28, 2010
49Under His WingsFountain SeriesMay 31, 2010
50Strong Man of the HouseFountain SeriesMay 31, 2010